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tolino is the product of a cooperation between the leading German booksellers, namely Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel, Club Bertelsmann, and Libri, and Deutsche Telekom AG. Since its market launch in March 2013, tolino has been combining their respective technology and retail expertise in its digital marketing. While Telekom provides innovative reading devices and a powerful technical platform, the booksellers are contributing their book and customer expertise. They ensure comprehensive sales coverage and competent customer advice – online and on the ground in several hundred branches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
The shared aim of the tolino cooperation is to be one of the leading addresses for digital reading. With a catalog of well over one million available titles and the largest range of German-language content, tolino is already leading the market. This offering is backed up by attractive and technically mature end devices that often provide an entry point into the world of digital reading and are accordingly important. Free apps for smartphones and tablets and the option to read on PCs with the browser-based web reader from the tolino booksellers round off the customer offering from the tolino cooperation. Customer-friendly solutions such as backup of purchased content in the tolino Cloud, which moreover allows customers to synchronize their content between devices, are also part of the tolino range of services. Deutsche Telekom is responsible for these services and the underlying digital distribution platform, as well as for the continuous further development of the system and the devices with the needs of end customers and booksellers in mind.
As a central partner in the cooperation, content purchasing and management for affiliated sales partners, reporting and billing (EDItX), and the strategic and operative further development of digital marketing are the exclusive responsibility of “tolino media” within the tolino cooperation. The “tolino media” suppliers include not only publishing houses and aggregators, but also self-publishing platforms and authors whom we enable to market their portfolio through our sales partners and advertise accordingly. With the delivery of the master copy files from the publishing houses and rights holders, Deutsche Telekom creates a full-coverage and open system for digital media that can compete with its globally operating competitors in the long term. The particular strength of the tolino cooperation lies in its combination of bookselling passion and technological expertise from Deutsche Telekom.

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