Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs) - tolino shine 2 HD

General (tolino shine 2 HD)

The home page is at the heart of your tolino. This is where you can access all of the important functions and features. And you can always return here by pressing the “Home” button on your tolino, no matter what setting or page you have opened.

All content you have purchased or added to your tolino locally, i.e. via your computer or the microSD card, is stored in your library. By default, your library is sorted by date (last read or last added).

Your tolino is able to display digital books, magazines and newspapers as separate documents that are compliant with the ePub, PDF (with or without Adobe DRM) or TXT file standards. Other formats are not supported.

Thank you for choosing to discover digital reading with tolino! We’ll be happy to help you get started with your new eReader. You can dive into your new reading experience in just three easy steps:

1) Charging
Please charge your tolino fully before using it for the first time. To do this, connect the tolino to your computer using the USB cable supplied. It takes about four hours to fully charge your tolino. You can of course use the device while it is charging. Your tolino has a touch display. This means that you can control all its functions by lightly tapping or swiping the screen. Swipe from right to left with your finger to move forwards within the title and from left to right to move backwards.

2) Checking for and installing updates
Of course we are always working to continuously improve our tolino software. To ensure that you always enjoy the best possible reading experience with your tolino vision, you should always keep the software of your tolino product up to date. When you first start up your new eReader, please check whether a software update is available for your device. All you need for this is an Internet connection, which you can establish easily and quickly thanks to the WLAN interface of your tolino vision. As soon as your eReader is connected to the Internet, important updates are displayed directly on the screen. Of course you can also search for new updates using “Device information” on the menu at any time.
If you don’t have a WLAN network at home, no problem! You can use the WLAN networks in the shops of the tolino partners to check your tolino for available updates. Simply ask a member of staff, who will be happy to assist you. Of course you can also use a Deutsche Telekom HotSpot to connect to the Internet. The Deutsche Telekom HotSpot Finder will help you find a HotSpot near your location. Thanks to your tolino’s integrated and free HotSpot access, using these HotSpots is free of charge for you, and you won’t have to go to the trouble of remembering another set of login data.

3) Logging in to your tolino partner
In order to take full advantage of your new eReader and e.g. benefit from the 25 GB Telekom Cloud storage you should register your tolino with your tolino retailer. If you already have a customer account with your tolino retailer, you can simply use your login data there to register your tolino. If you do not yet have a customer account, you can create one on the website of your retailer and and use the login data there to log in with your tolino eReader.
By the way: If you have customer accounts with multiple tolino retailers, you can easily link your eBook libraries together using our unique tolino library link so you can always see all your purchased titles at a glance. You can create a library link with your eReader or online in your preferred customer account.

As soon as you have logged in with your customer account and your tolino is connected to the Internet via WLAN, you can use the cloud. All titles you purchase in the shop are automatically stored securely in the cloud. To read an individual title from the cloud, tap on a title marked with a cloud symbol in the library. The content will be downloaded to your tolino and stored locally.

You may wish to add digital reading content that you already owned before purchasing your tolino. You can do so via USB link to your computer. As soon as your tolino is connected to your computer via the USB cable, it is automatically available for data exchange with the PC and displayed as a removable mass storage device.

The reading view is by far the most important view on your tolino. The titles in your library are displayed here page by page. Open a title by tapping on the cover.

Tap in the right-hand area to move forwards through the title and in the left-hand area to move backwards. You can also move forwards by swiping from right to left and back by swiping from left to right.

You can also tap on the rear of the device to turn the page forwards. This makes it easier to use your device with only one hand, and is also ideal for left-handed people.

You may wish to add digital reading content that you already owned before purchasing your tolino product. You can do this by connecting your device to your computer via USB or by up- and then downloading from the Telekom Cloud. As soon as the files are visible on your tolino you can add them to your eBook library by synchronizing. All local eBooks/documents are then added to the library.

tolino eco system help and functions

When buying your eBooks you are not committed to one book seller only. You may buy eBooks from different tolino partners and will have them at your disposal in your tolino eBook library afterwards. The condition is that you have connected the eBook libraries beforehand. For doing so open up the menu on the starting page of your tolino eBook reader and select the element “my accounts”. Afterwards go to “library link”.

As soon as you have startet the tolino library link, you will be shown a list of all tolino partners. You may connect one account per book seller. With each link the new book seller and tolino eReader distributor will be informed. You will get a confirmation email from both regarding the connection. After the link procedure all of your books will be displayed in the linked eBook library.

An existing library link may of course be deleted at all times. The books from that connection won’t be shown anymore in your eBook library.

By the way: the unique tolino eBook connection may not only be induced from your tolino eBook Reader (e.g. tolino shine 2 HD, tolino vision 3 HD and tolino page), but also via the tolino Webreader or the tolino App. This way you may may manage your tolino library from different devices at all times.

a) accessing the tolino Cloud on the eBook reader

You may use the tolino Cloud as soon as your tolino eReader is connected with the internet via WLAN and you have connected with your tolino book seller using your customer account.

All eBooks and texts, that you buy in your tolino book shop are automatically being saved to your tolino Cloud. Furthermore you can upload books from your tolino eReader and respectively micro SD card (depending on your device), into the tolino Cloud.

Whenever you want to up- or download books into or from the tolino Cloud, you can easily do that in your library “my books”. Just tap onto a cover with your finger and hold it on there until the context menu opens up. Afterwards choose “upload” or “download”.


b) Using the tolino Cloud via Webreader

The tolino Webreader is the ideal opportunity to manage your eBook and audio book library online. To do so simply open the tolino Webreader via mytolino Website for example, sign in with your tolino book seller customer details any aou will have access to your eBook and audio book library.

If you want to add new eBooks and audio books to the tolino Webreader, you can simply upload them from your Laptop and synchronize them with the tolino Cloud in doing so. The uploaded titles are of course available to you at all times, and you may read them using any of your other devices and can be synchronized.


c) using the tolino Cloud via tolino App

All books and documents that are saved in the tolino Cloud are available to you on up until 5 different devices. If for example you start reading a book on your tolino eReader and then stop, you can continue reading where you left off, with the free tolino reading app, from either your smart phone, tablet or computer. All you have to do is sign in with the same tolino book seller customer account.

As soon as you put in your customer details in the tolino App, the tolino App automatically synchronizes your eBook and audio book library, to provide you with full access to all your titles from your tolino reading app.