Software updates for the tolino vision 2 at a glance

The current software version for the tolino vision 2 eReader is version 10.0.1; it provides you with the latest features and functionalities. In order to actually make use of the full range of product innovations described on the product page, we recommend that you update your tolino vision 2 to the latest software version – you can download it here. To check which version you are currently using on your tolino you can access the device information of your eReader via the Settings menu. The current software version of your eReader is displayed there. We recommend that you use our automatic software updates directly on your tolino vision 2. To do so, simply connect your tolino to the Internet via WLAN and follow the instructions on the screen.


Your current software versionNote
10.0.1Your version is up to date
1.5.0 to 1.9.4Update will be directly to version 10.0.1 Download

Instructions: Manual update on your tolino vision 2

To perform a software update on your tolino vision 2 without WLAN access, please follow these short three-step instructions:

  1. Click “Download” in the software overview and save the file “” to your desktop. Please note that the file will only be detected as an update file by your tolino if it is named “”. Please rename the file locally if version numbers have been appended here (e.g.
  2. Connect your tolino vision 2 to your computer with the supplied USB cable and open the “TOLINO” directory view of the eReader using the file explorer.
  3. Copy the file “” from your desktop or individual storage location directly to the main directory and then disconnect the USB link by ejecting the tolino from your computer. Please wait approx. 10 seconds until the update has been processed on the eReader, then restart your device by pressing the on/off switch for approx. 2 seconds. As soon as the context menu appears, please confirm with “Restart” – the update will now be automatically installed.