The best of two worlds – bookselling expertise and technology.

The cross-partner tolino philosophy combines a passion for reading with the needs of the digital world. Discover the new freedom of reading – on one of our award-winning tolino eReaders, the mobile tolino reading app, or, with our tolino webreader, directly in your browser.
The tolino products were developed specifically for the needs of avid readers with high expectations of their individual media experiences. The Rakuten Kobo Inc. assists the german tolino booksellers (including Weltbild, Thalia, Hugendubel and with its technological know-how, the latest technical standards and a wide range of innovative solutions. See for yourself and discover our multiple award winning tolino eReaders and the special tolino ecosystem …

… buy and store eBooks more easily!
All tolino eReaders have access to the HotSpots of Deutsche Telekom AG, offering you free access to the Internet at numerous locations in Germany. Simply buy new eBooks in your tolino eReader’s integrated eBook shop or browser via WLAN – around the clock and whenever you need new reading material! All eBooks purchased from your tolino book retailer are stored securely and permanently in the secure tolino cloud free of charge. Access your eBooks from different reading devices even when you’re out and about, and take advantage of the tolino cloud’s convenient reading synchronization function.

… open system for maximum flexibility!
You alone decide which offerings interest you and from which retailer you want to buy your eBooks. All tolino products can display the standard eBook formats (ePUB, TXT, PDF) with and without copy protection. Take advantage of our special campaigns and discounts from various booksellers and benefit from our open system now and in the future. If you do at some point decide to buy a different eReader, that’s no problem. You can simply keep using your eBooks on all other provider-independent reading devices – without having to laboriously convert or repurchase your content.

… excellent service on the ground, over the phone and online!
Whether you’re seeking personal advice in one of the many tolino bookshops, need quick support over the phone or simply want to find the user manual for a tolino product online – tolino offers you simple and versatile service around the clock! A particularly smart feature is the tolino library link, which allows you to connect all your eBook libraries from tolino booksellers so you can always see all your eBooks at a glance – and in a single library view.tolino library link - connect all your eBook libraries from tolino booksellers



The tolino advantages at a glance:

– tolino cloud: safely store and synchronize eBooks

– HotSpot: free access to Telekom HotSpots across Germany

– Free service: locally in your bookseller’s shop, over the phone and online

– Open system: free choice of booksellers for buying your eBooks

– Standard eBook formats: compatible with public lending libraries

– Library link: all eBooks from the tolino book retailers at a glance

– Reading app: read flexibly on your mobile device – whether smartphone or tablet

– webreader: read directly in your browser – on your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac