Adding the tolino library link for tolino reading devices with different tolino book seller accounts

When buying your eBooks you are not committed to one book seller only. You may buy eBooks from different tolino partners and will have them at your disposal in your tolino eBook library afterwards. The condition is that you have connected the eBook libraries beforehand. For doing so open up the menu on the starting page of your tolino eBook reader and select the element “my accounts”. Afterwards go to “library link”.

As soon as you have startet the tolino library link, you will be shown a list of all tolino partners. You may connect one account per book seller. With each link the new book seller and tolino eReader distributor will be informed. You will get a confirmation email from both regarding the connection. After the link procedure all of your books will be displayed in the linked eBook library.

An existing library link may of course be deleted at all times. The books from that connection won’t be shown anymore in your eBook library.

By the way: the unique tolino eBook connection may not only be induced from your tolino eBook Reader (e.g. tolino shine 2 HD, tolino vision 3 HD and tolino page), but also via the tolino Webreader or the tolino App. This way you may may manage your tolino library from different devices at all times.