New software version 1.8 for all tolino eReaders

For all the reading enthusiasts, frequent readers and individualists – reading becomes even easier now, with the tolino eReader! The tolino eReader software version 1.8  is the ideal preparation for an undisrupted joy of reading in the reading summer of 2016, thanks to many big and small elaborated optimizations. It definitely is a must have for all tolino readers!

By the way: the software version 1.8 is a free offer for all previous tolino eReaders, that way all tolino readers can benefit from the extensive software update.


Overview of all changes and new functions of your tolino eReader with
tolino software update 1.8:

  1. A entirely revised library view with an automatic author collection

Your eBook library is completely full but you still want to keep your reading treasures at a glance? Thanks to the entirely revised library on your tolino eReader you no longer need to worry about that. Through the new, practical index structure of your library view, you simply switch the index card with just one finger tap. This way you can display your eBooks sorted by titles or authors in a matter of seconds. A practical innovation which, helps you to quickly find the searched eBook on your tolino eReader, even in an extensive library. Of course you may also arrange your title view, the way you like, with the help of the sorting and display modus.


  1. Highlighting “finished books” – tidy up your eBook library!

A new function that allows you to highlight your eBooks as “read”, ensures a clearly laid out eBook library. Your finished eBooks will then be saved in an automated collection “finished books” (retrievable through the index card “collections”) on the eReader. All of your finished books will then be shown with a check mark beneath the cover.

Good to know: you can choose to hide the “read books” in your library view. Therefore you always keep an overview of read and non-read books on your tolino eReader. If you want to reshow read books in your eBook library tap the view symbol (icon: eye) and afterwards the “show finished books”.


  1. Collect and sort – comfortably putting collected eBooks into order

You want to sort and arrange your eBooks on your tolino eReader according to your wishes in the fastest way possible? Using the new index card “collections” in your eBook library you now have an even faster access to your personal collections. With just one finger tap you may adjust your books on your tolino eReader any way you want.

Besides being more practical and intuitional, the new eBook cover view now also gives it a better look! How about a reading material collection containing blissfully light novels for your summer vacation?

Application advice: if you want to add an eBook from your library to a certain collection just simply tap the eBook cover for about 2 seconds until the context menu opens up. There you can add the eBook to a collection via the selection “ad to collection”.


  1. No book without a scripture – no tolino eReader without your favorite font!

The new tolino eReader software version 1.8 offers a very special innovation for scripture lovers and font nerdy book worms: starting now you can easily upload your personal favorites onto your tolino eReader! This permits readers of foreign-language eBooks to upload their favorite font e.g. the Asian style of lettering and use it while reading. Personalize your tolino reading experience- there are no limits to your fantasies and preferences for that matter.

The pre-installed fonts on your tolino eReader were also completely renewed or rather revised. From now on your tolino eReader provides six different optimized fonts (amongst others Bitter, Droid Serif, Vollkorn) for the demonstration on the E Ink Display at your disposal and along the way assist the ideal reading flow.

One special feature on the tolino eReader is offered by the pre-installed font OpenDyslexic. Thanks to the distinctive layout and visual emphasis of the letters the OpenDyslexic is suited especially for readers who have difficulties with reading and spelling (dyslexia).


  1. Read faster, scroll faster – the tolino eReader quick scroll function

A little hint: you want to quickly and handy scroll a few pages forward or backwards? It became even easier now on the tolino eReader with our quick scroll function: by simply tapping on the right or left hand screen margin and pulling the finger towards the middle of the display (leaving the finger on the display) the eReader  automatically scrolls for you! As soon as you have reached the desired page; take the finger off the screen and directly start reading. Or jump back to the front page.



All software changes for tolino software updates 1.8 quickly summarized:

  • Entirely revised library view: new index structure to quickly switch between views, sorted by “titles“, “authors“ or “collections“.
  • Highlighting read eBooks: finished eBooks automatically get marked, put into a collection “read books“ and can be hidden from the library.
  • Opening up collections in a matter of seconds: thanks to your own index card in the library view, collections can be opened up directly.
  • New pre-installed fonts: the E Ink optimized fonts Source Sans, Bitter, Droid Serif, Vollkorn, Fira Sans and OpenDyslexic are now available in the tolino software version 1.8.
  • Uploading your own font: your own fonts can be installed in the TTF and OTF format on the tolino eReader.
  • OpenDyslexic font when difficulties reading and spelling: the pre-installed font OpenDyslexic perfectly supports the reader with a reading and spelling disability.
  • Quick browsing: with the practical touch gesture the tolino eReader scrolls back or forth rather exceedingly quickly.

Download the tolino software update 1.8: