Even clearer: The tolino alliance brings two new e-readers with 300 ppi displays to the Book Fair

Media information from the tolino alliance

  • Sharper than ever: tolino vision 3 HD and tolino shine 2 HD with ultra-sharp 300 ppi displays
  • tolino shine 2 HD with enhanced performance


The tolino brand is less than three years old, yet has already become a success story even within this short space of time. Constant innovations in the reading devices and their user-friendly, open ecosystem have helped win over many readers. Just in time for the Frankfurt Book Fair, the tolino partners are now presenting two new readers featuring state-of-the-art technology.

The premium e-reader tolino vision 3 HD and the smart all-rounder tolino shine 2 HD offer more reading comfort than ever before.

tolino vision 3 HD: Crystal clear typeface meets sleek design
In developing the new devices, technology partner Deutsche Telekom placed special emphasis on making the reading experience even easier, more enjoyable, and more user-friendly. One of the key features that is crucial to the reader is crystal clear typeface that makes reading easy on the eyes. To that end, Deutsche Telekom integrated a crystal clear E Ink® Carta Display with 300 ppi resolution in both of the new devices. The display is flush and level with the device housing and gives it a very modern look and feel. The 16 shades of gray ensure a digital reading experience that is as effortless as on real paper. Just like its predecessor, the tolino vision 3 HD is also waterproof and equipped with tap2flip, a unique function of e-readers that allows you to conveniently scroll to the next page when holding the reader with just one hand by tapping with the fingertip on the back of the device. In addition, the tolino vision 3 HD comes with a 1 GHz Freescale i.MX 6 processor and offers storage for up to 2,000 eBooks that can be conveniently downloaded via WLAN or free Deutsche Telekom HotSpots after they have been purchased. As a result, the new premium e-reader from tolino now ensures the best ever reading experience among all the tolino devices.

Handy, fast and incredibly sharp: tolino shine 2 HD
The tolino shine 2 HD, the successor to the popular, first e-reader from the tolino device family, has been completely overhauled: More compact and easier to handle than its predecessor, and now available in black, the tolino shine 2 HD is the ideal entry-level reader. It too makes a compelling statement with an incredibly sharp E Ink® Carta Display with 300 ppi resolution, and its 1 GHz Freescale i.MX 6 processor makes it just as powerful as its big brother tolino vision 3 HD. The processor’s enhanced performance compared to the predecessor model allows books to be open more quickly, for example, and has a faster search function. An integrated light and convenient touchscreen function are standard features of the tolino devices.

tolino is now sold in 1,800 out of 6,000 bookshops in Germany and is also available in five other European countries (Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy). The new devices are also available in the partner countries.