Read and sleep better with the new tolino vision 4 HD

The new tolino vision 4 HD eBook reader is ensuring a uniquely comfortable reading experience just in time for the colder months. Three new functions once again make the tolino vision 4 HD (as the next generation in the tolino vision series) the perfect eReader for all reading enthusiasts. Discover lighting that adjusts its color temperature to the time of day , three times more memory for up to 6,000 eBooks, and a charging cable with a certain something extra.

Featuring a 300 ppi E Ink Carta HD display (6 inch) for text in razor-sharp definition, water protection through nano-coating, and the tap2flip function for easy page turns by tapping on the back of the device, the tolino vision 4 HD has all of the highlights that readers love about its predecessor, the tolino vision 3 HD. It goes without saying that the tolino vision 4 HD also offers you complete freedom in purchasing your ePUB and PDF eBooks. You decide where you want to buy your eBooks. What’s more, you can even conveniently use Onleihe with the tolino vision 4 HD.

The season for curling up with a good book is here, and the tolino vision 4 HD provides you with the most comfortable and convenient start to a winter filled with lots of reading. The tolino vision 4 HD is available starting tomorrow at Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel, Mayersche, and Osiander bookshops, as well as at 1,500 partner bookshops of Libri and online.


New: The ideal reading light for every time of day with smartLight

eBook readers with integrated lighting have been winning over readers’ hearts for several years already. The tolino vision 4 HD, developed by Deutsche Telekom in collaboration with the major German booksellers, now offers you even greater comfort with a new feature: the new smartLight, which ensures that you have the best reading experience at any time of day. This is because the tolino vision 4 HD uses varying white tones, which adjust automatically or manually as the day proceeds for ideal light temperature settings at all times. Scientists have discovered that colder light prevents readers from falling asleep. The color temperature of the integrated reading light in the tolino vision 4 HD therefore changes from cold white light in the morning to warm white light the closer it gets to sunset − in harmony with the reader’s natural biorhythm. The tolino vision 4 HD with smartLight, featuring a spectrum of white tones, is based on natural sunlight. One real innovation in the tolino vision 4 HD is the use of special warm and cold white LEDs. They create pleasant, natural lighting that fits the respective reading situation and personal preferences of the reader.


NEW: 8 GB of memory and accessories that stand for simplicity 

Book lovers have a good reason to smile thanks to substantially more memory on the tolino vision 4 HD.

The built-in memory has been increased from 4 to 8 GB, which means that available memory capacity has jumped from around 2 GB to around 6 GB, enabling readers to store up to 6,000 eBooks.

The alliance is also focusing on simplicity with regard to the new USB cable. The easy2connect USB cable that comes supplied can be inserted either way on both ends. That means users no longer have to worry in the future about which way to plug in the cable. It always works on the first try!


NEW: tolino software update version 1.9 – even greater reading comfort on your eBook reader 

The tolino alliance is releasing a software update for even greater reading comfort when the new tolino vision 4 HD eBook reader goes on sale. eBooks checked out through Onleihe will now be marked with a “lent” label, and they can also be returned early. In addition, the tolino eBook reader’s menu now boasts a more clearly structured layout. The software update will be displayed automatically for installation when the tolino vision 4 HD is connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or one of the Telekom HotSpots in Germany. The update will be available to all existing devices in a few weeks.


The key advantages of the tolino vision 4 HD eBook reader at a glance:

  • NEW: Integrated lighting with smartLight (color temperature adjusts depending on the time of day)
  • NEW: 8 GB of memory, of which 6 GB available for up to 6,000 eBooks
  • NEW: easy2connect cable – USB cable that can be plugged in from both ends
  • Water protection for hours of relaxed reading in the tub
  • Sharp, perfectly legible text thanks the 300 ppi E Ink Carta display
  • tap2flip for especially easy page turns on the back of the eReader
  • Compatible with EPUB, PDF, TXT and public lending libraries (e.g. Onleihe)
  • Includes the tolino library link (ability to purchase books in different tolino shops and still have all eBooks in one library)
  • Free internet access through Deutsche Telekom HotSpots (in Germany)
  • Includes 25 GB of memory in the tolino Cloud
  • Battery life of several weeks


tolino vision 4 HD – passionate about reading.


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