Reading as flexible as ever – with the free tolino reading App for iOS and Android

The new tolino App for smartphone and tablet

There is a new member joining the tolino family – it’s a free reading and audio book application for Android and iOS devices. What until now was only possible via the different book sellers now got combined in one app.

Discover a huge choice of eBooks in eBook stores of Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel,, bü, Mayersche, Osiander, Orell Fuessli, or at the tolino Partner-Buchhandlungen of meineBUCHhandlung.

The new tolino reading App gives you the opportunity of accessing all your bought titles via smart phone or tablet. The tolino App is free of charge and available via the Google Play Store or the iOS Apple Store (iTunes).


With the tolino App you continue reading where you left off

The new tolino reading App implements itself in the tolino eco system and with the synchronization of your reading status on all of your reading devices it provides you with a pleasure of reading. Your eBook library and your reading statuses are comfortably being synchronized on your eBook reader, on the tolino Webreader and on the tolino App, via the tolino Cloud.


Connect the tolino book shop eBook libraries with the tolino App

Simply download the app, at the start of the tolino reading App pick your favorite book seller, insert your customer details and immediately the eBook library will be at your full disposal. Coming in handy: in the tolino App itself you have full access to the unique tolino library!

Enjoy the advantages of tolino’s open system and easily connect your eBook libraries, from different tolino book sellers, with each other. This way you keep an overview of your acquired eBooks, even when having various accounts at different tolino book shops. All shops in one app, providing you with a clear overview and saving space. Reading and loading from all tolino book stores, flexible, while on the go – with the tolino App.


Another plus for Android users: they can directly shop for new eBooks from their tolino book sellers, with the tolino App.


Comfortable reading and enjoying all tolino advantages with the tolino App

The new tolino reading App is the ideal eBook reader App for smartphones and tablets. Enjoy your eBooks with the practical tolino eReader reading functions. Vary text sizes and fonts for EPUB eBooks and choose the ideal text alignment and line spacing for you, at all times. Read as you like, in portrait or landscape format, while also using your preferred background colors (night mode and sepia display included), providing you with an optimal reading comfort at every time of the day.


Listening to audio books and plays with the tolino App

With the tolino App you constantly carry your library with you and you can enjoy audio books on the go. Benefit from a range variety of new audio books in the tolino shops. No matter if it’s during your commute to work, while cooking or cleaning or when going to sleep – exciting stories for your ears anytime you like.


Additional tolino App advantages summed up:

  • load free reading samples and don’t decide until afterwards if you want to buy the eBook
  • read eBooks from public lending libraries in EPUB or PDF format with the tolino App
  • open up external web links in eBooks via tolino App


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