Digital reading moments made in Germany:
tolino celebrates its 5-year anniversary

Exactly 5 years ago, on March 7, 2013, the first tolino eBook reader ‘tolino shine’ was launched and initialized a market revolution. The alliance of the leading German booksellers is still a unique international success story. Facing globally active competitors, the German bookselling companies Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel and former Club Bertelsmann decided to join forces with Deutsche Telekom as a technology partner and offer an open eReading ecosystem for digital readers under the common brand ‘tolino’.


Internationally unique success story: tolino puts competition in its place

Success followed shortly after: The alliance managed to successfully establish the tolino brand for digital reading in Central and Southern Europe and to get more partners on board. In Germany, the Mayersche bookstore, Osiander and Libri also joined the tolino alliance with over 1,500 independent, independent bookstores. Today, tolino eBook-Readers are sold in more than every third German bookstore. A true nationwide alternative to the globally active competition and an important element in the tradition of the German book industry, which has asserted itself with over 60 million sales of eBooks for 5 years.


Behind the success is the consistent exclusive focus on the reading-oriented device and innovation strategy

Since 2013, almost every year, new tolino readers have been developed and digital reading has been consistently and innovatively improved. For example, the tolino vision 2 from 2014 featured integrated water protection and the ‘tap2flip’ function for the first time. In 2016, the tolino vision 4 HD was followed by the market launch of a new display feature: using ‘smartLight’ technology, the color temperature optimally adapts to the light conditions at any time of day or night and changes from cold white to warm white light as the day progresses. Independent testers also attest to the quality of tolino: tolino readers have received a total of three awards from Stiftung Warentest and have been honored with more than 12 design awards in terms of product design and user-friendliness.

Last year, the tolino alliance introduced the tolino epos – an eReader with a larger 7.8 inch display – in Germany, which has been enjoying increasing popularity ever since. Also tolino select, the new subscription model for eBooks, which relies on a bookseller preselection and recommendation, offers readers since October 2017 another reading service in the eco system of tolino.

By the way: The five most popular titles since the start of tolino select can be found in the genres ‘Crime & Thriller’ and ‘Novels & Narratives’: for example, ‘Eiszeit’ by Val McDermid, ‘Ohne jede Spur’ by Lisa Gardner, ‘Das Paradies’ by Barbara Wood, ’Dunkeltraum’ by Christine Drews and ‘Das Flüstern der Wände’ by Rebecca Michele.



We thank all tolino readers for their confidence in the German book trade and look forward to more years of passion for reading!