tolino for all book retailers

All book retailers in Germany will soon have access to the tolino ecosystem. The tolino alliance of the major German booksellers Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel, and Club Bertelsmann, and Deutsche Telekom as their technology and innovation partner

will be collaborating with book wholesaler Libri.With this step the tolino partners are making good on their promise to offer an eReading solution for the entire book industry and make the open tolino system, which is operated by Telekom on behalf of all the partners, accessible to all booksellers.

Libri as a service provider to the bookselling industry supplies book retailers with both printed books and eBooks. The wholesaler sees significant potential for traditional retailers in the digitization of book content and has been offering corresponding services successfully for years. Meanwhile over 1,000 bookshops form the currently largest partner network of online shops, for which Libri provides the shop technology. The entire tolino product range will soon be available from all these shops.

This means that on every sold tolino eReader, readers automatically find the eBook-shop belonging to the book retailer where they bought their device. This type of customer retention is worthwhile for Libri partner bookshops because it works both online and offline: the tolino station in each retailer’s bricks-and-mortar bookshop offers readers the opportunity to see the entire tolino range up close and try out the devices. This allows booksellers to offer their customers all the usual services both via their websites and in the form of personal assistance and advice on buying devices and books in their high-street shops.

This means that across all partners, tolino customers in Germany have over 1,560 potential points of contact locally.