Update for tolino shine eBook reader (1st generation)

Dear tolino readers,

our tolino shine eReader has been part of many reading affine households for 6 years and still enjoys active use. In order to be able to guarantee the security and functionality of our first eReader model in the future, we have decided to carry out a mandatory update.

If an old  tolino eReader software version is installed on your tolino shine eReader, the update process will start automatically as soon as you connect your eReader to the WLAN. The update is mandatory and cannot be aborted.

The free mandatory update is necessary in order to use only the current TLS 1.2 data encryption protocol on the tolino shine in future. The previous version is now obsolete and no longer offers the security for the encryption of your data that we strive for our products. The TLS protocol is required for authentication and data encryption between different endpoints.

Please support us in updating the eReader software on your tolino shine and ensure that your eReader can be provided with this important security update via WLAN.

Please note: this update is only necessary for the tolino shine (1st generation) and will only be used for this eReader model. It is explicitly not valid for the tolino shine 2 or the tolino shine 3 or any other tolino eReaders.


If you have questions or problems with the eReader update for the tolino shine, please do not hesitate to contact the customer service of your tolino bookseller. The staff will help you immediately and competently.

Your tolino team