FAQ | tolino eReader

FAQ | tolino eReader

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about your tolino eReader:

To translate or look up individual words in an eBook, simply tap them and hold your finger in place over the word for a moment. A context menu will open, showing the translation and lookup function. The first time you do this, you will be asked to download dictionaries. You can choose French-German, English-German, Italian-German, Dutch-German and Spanish-German dictionaries. There is also a steadily growing selection of other dictionaries. You can download them by simply tapping the desired dictionary on your tolino eReader.

Yes, you can read an eBook without having an active Internet connection as long as you have downloaded it to the relevant device (tolino eReader, smartphone, or PC). To do this, just tap the title showing a tolino cloud symbol in the tolino library on your tolino eReader. The content is then downloaded to your tolino eReader and stored locally, so you can start reading the eBook right away.

Want to borrow eBooks, but do it digitally? Public libraries let you borrow eBooks from a library anywhere in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and other countries. Smaller libraries often join forces to launch an online lending service together. You can use the library’s website to borrow the desired eBooks and download them to your tolino eReader.

Borrowing eBooks from a public library is easy using the built-in Web browser on your tolino eReader. eBooks that you borrow and download here are automatically stored to your tolino eReader, where they are available to read right away.

You can also use your tolino eReader to return eBooks that you have borrowed from digital library services.

Important note: eBooks borrowed using software version 12.2.0 or higher are decrypted using the new digital rights management. With older software versions, the borrowing process typically requires an Adobe ID. The Adobe ID determines the due dates when you borrow eBooks using your tolino eReader. As soon as the due date passes, the eBook no longer opens on the tolino eReader. You can register an Adobe ID using the quick and easy process offered on the Adobe website.

You can connect your tolino eReader to the Internet free of charge using a wireless network (WLAN) or one of the many hotspots operated by Deutsche Telekom AG.

Connecting via WLAN: Select “Settings” in the main menu and then go to “WLAN and flight mode” to connect your tolino eReader to a wireless network. If the WLAN function is turned off, please activate it by tapping “WLAN.” If the WLAN is turned on, your tolino eReader will recognize all wireless networks available in your area. Now tap your preferred network to select it. If the network is password-protected, a dialog window will appear. Enter a valid password here. After you confirm your entry by tapping “Connect,” your tolino eReader will connect to the Internet via WLAN.

Connecting via a hotspot: If you do not have a separate WLAN available, you can use any of the many hotspots operated by Deutsche Telekom AG to connect free of charge using your tolino eReader in Germany. A hotspot is a form of Internet access available at many public locations (including airports, some ICE trains operated by Deutsche Bahn, and designated public phone booths). For an overview of available Deutsche Telekom hotspots, please click here. Your device will connect automatically as soon as it is near a hotspot when the WLAN is turned on.

Please note that to use the Deutsche Telekom hotspots free of charge, you need to be registered with a tolino bookseller and logged in. If you are not registered with a tolino bookseller and logged in and simply wish to use your tolino eReader to surf the Internet, you may begin accruing charges for WLAN use as soon as you enter information such as your name, address, credit card or bank details.

You can change the background image that appears on the sleep screen directly on the tolino eReader. To do this, go to the main menu and select “Settings” and then “Additional settings.” Now you can select the tolino face, the last eBook you read, or your own image as the background image.

You can delete eBooks from your tolino library by pressing and holding the eBook cover in the library view. This will open a context menu you can use to delete the eBook. Please note: eBooks stored in the tolino cloud remain there, but without taking up memory on your device. You can download these titles again as needed.

If you have bought eBooks from multiple tolino partners, you can link your tolino libraries so that you can manage and read your eBooks centrally. Linking and managing your registered reading devices is easy.

Step 1: Change to the tolino eReader in the main menu.

From the home page of your tolino eReader (which you can access anytime by pressing the Home button on the front), open the main menu by tapping the symbol with the three lines in the upper left corner of the display.

Step 2: From the main menu, go to the “My accounts” area.

Now select “My accounts” in the main menu of your tolino eReader. Please make sure your tolino eReader says you are logged in. If your tolino eReader is not logged in, you can log in using your tolino bookseller login details.

Step 3: Go to the tolino “library link” menu.

As soon as your tolino eReader is logged in, tap “Library link” in the menu. The view that appears will give you another overview of the tolino library link function. You can tap “Next” to skip it. Read the privacy policy that appears for your information and then tap “Next” to confirm.

Step 4: Link your libraries

You will now see an overview of tolino booksellers available to link. Select the desired tolino retailer where you also have a customer account and click the “Link” button to the right of the retailer logo.

Step 5: Log in to your tolino bookseller account

To link your existing customer account with the newly selected additional tolino bookseller account, you need to log in using your login details. Please enter your login details for this retailer to confirm that you are the owner of this customer account and wish to link the libraries. Once you confirm, your tolino libraries will be linked together, and you can use the tolino cloud to load the eBooks you have already purchased to your existing tolino library.

All eBooks or other files that you own in ePUB or PDF format (open standard formats) can be saved to your tolino eReader and read there. There are two main ways to load eBooks to your tolino eReader:

1) Transfer eBooks using the tolino cloud

It’s simple to transfer your eBooks in ePUB and PDF format using the tolino Web reader. Log in using your login details and simply load your purchased eBooks to your tolino cloud using the tolino Web reader. All you have to do then is log in on your tolino eReader as usual, using your login details, and initiate the synchronization with the tolino cloud on your tolino eReader. As soon as you change to the tolino library on your tolino eReader (assuming you have an Internet connection via WLAN), the eBooks stored in the tolino cloud will be displayed. To download these books locally to your tolino, simply tap the cover of the eBook you want. The eBook will then be saved directly to your tolino eReader, and you can start reading.

2) Transfer eBooks using a cable (side loading)

It’s easy to transfer eBooks that you have already purchased in PDF and ePUB format locally to your tolino using a cable connection. As soon as you have connected your tolino eReader to your computer using the USB cable supplied with the reader and the computer has recognized the device, you can access the tolino eReader from your computer. Now you can share files between your computer and your tolino eReader. Please always be sure to store your eBooks in the “Books” folder on the tolino eReader hard drive.

Even so, we recommend adding purchased eBooks automatically via the tolino cloud, not the USB connection. The benefit of doing this is that when you download eBooks from the tolino cloud, the Adobe DRM copy protection is not activated, so you don’t have to enter an Adobe ID to read these eBooks.

Important note: Do not disconnect your device while the data exchange is in progress. Please be sure to eject the data storage media for the tolino eReader and the microSD card on your computer before disconnecting the cable between your tolino eReader and the computer or taking out the microSD card.

Please note that transferring or opening eBooks in certain formats, such as AZW format (not an open standard format) is not possible.

To order eBooks on your tolino eReader and access eBooks that have already been purchased or your tolino library, you need to log in using your login details. To do this, click “Log in now” on the home screen of your tolino eReader or select “My accounts” in the main menu and then “Log in now.” If you do not yet have a customer account, you can also create a new account here. The “My accounts” area also gives you an overview of all accounts where you are logged in on the tolino eReader, such as your Adobe DRM account, which is used to read copy-protected eBooks.

Please note: If you buy your tolino eReader from a tolino bookseller, the reader is pre-set to that bookseller’s shop. If you want to change the bookseller shop later on, you can use the tolino library link function to quickly and easily combine the shops.

You can set a passcode to protect your tolino eReader against unauthorized access. To do this, go to the main menu, select “Settings” and then “Passcode,” and set your PIN there. Tap the slider and follow the instructions on your tolino eReader. Once you have set a passcode, your tolino eReader cannot be used unless your personal number code is entered first. The wrong passcode can be entered any number of times without locking your tolino eReader. You can also click “Change passcode” to set a new PIN or deactivate the passcode by tapping the slider again.

If you forget your passcode or PIN, please contact the customer care team of your bookseller to resolve the issue quickly.

Turning pages

On all tolino devices, you can turn the page by simply tapping the right or left side of the screen or swiping. Some devices also feature the “tap2flip” function, which lets you turn the page by tapping the back of the device. Advanced settings for turning pages are found in the menu, under “Settings” and then “Reading settings.” You can turn tap2flip on and off here, or activate left-handed mode, which turns the page when you tap on the left side of the screen.

It’s easy to adjust personal settings like font and font size, margins, line spacing, text alignment, and brightness during reading on your tolino eReader. To do this, open the reading menu by tapping the middle of the screen.

(A) The back arrow closes the book
(B) Turn the reading view
(C) Table of contents
(D) Notes
(E) Settings for font size, font, etc.
(F) Set screen brightness / turn SmartLight on and off*
(G) Search in the book

*SmartLight availability depends on the model

You can organize the eBooks in the tolino library on your tolino eReader into collections. To do this, open the library view “Go to my books” and tap the button with the plus sign in the menu bar under “Collections.” Now give your collection a name. After that, you can select the eBooks you would like to assign to this collection. All eBooks that belong to a collection also remain visible in the overall view of your tolino library, of course. You can also add eBooks from the library overview to collections by pressing and holding the eBook cover. This opens a context menu that you can use to add that eBook to an existing or new collection.

It is actually rare for eBooks on your tolino eReader to use Adobe® DRM (digital rights management, file format “.acsm”) copy protection. If you wish to open an eBook that is protected by Adobe® DRM on your tolino eReader, you will see a message appear asking you to enter your Adobe® ID. Some eBooks, like those from a public library’s online lending service, are protected against copying via Adobe® DRM or can only be read for a certain period. You need an Adobe ID for these functions as well.

  1. Registering for an Adobe® ID

To register, simply go to www.adobe.com and enter your data. As soon as the registration process is complete, you will receive a confirmation link by e-mail. Click this link and complete the verification to conclude the registration process. The e-mail address you indicated is now also your Adobe ID.

2: Entering the Adobe® ID on your tolino

To be able to read eBooks with Adobe® DRM, all you need to do now is log in using your tolino eReader. To do this, simply go to the menu under “My accounts” and select the last point, “Adobe® DRM.” Please enter your e-mail address and password here to log in. Then tap “Authorize.” Now you are logged in and can read eBooks protected by Adobe® DRM, along with others.

You can use your user account to log in on up to five devices. You can also synchronize the reading status between your registered devices. The tolino eReader handles this automatically for you when you close the eBook on the tolino eReader after reading. Please note that both devices must be connected to the Internet for automatic synchronization to take place.

You can also initiate synchronization manually at any time by tapping the circular arrow symbol in the right corner in the “My books” view. You will need to make sure your device has an active Internet connection for this as well.

To reset your tolino eReader to the factory settings, first select the menu symbol in the upper left corner of your screen. Next, choose “Settings” from the menu, then “Additional settings,” and scroll at the bottom of the screen until you see “Reset to factory settings” as the option. Please note that this will delete all of your personal information and settings.

As soon as an update is available for your tolino eReader, the tolino eReader will let you know. Please note that your tolino eReader must be connected to the Internet via WLAN to perform an update.

If you normally use your tolino eReader without a WLAN connection, we recommend connecting to WLAN every so often (about every 2 months) to install any updates. If you experience any specific malfunctions on your tolino eReader, we recommend that you check right away whether there is a software update available. To check whether an update is available for your tolino eReader, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the settings (three lines at top left on the homepage) in the menu on your tolino eReader.
    2. In the sub-menu, select “Information and help.”
    3. The overview that appears will show a button labeled “Search for new version.” It also displays your current software version.
    4. Tap the button – the tolino eReader will now look for any available updates online.
    5. If an update is available, it will now be displayed on the tolino eReader.
    6. Confirm the installation of the software update on the display. The update will now be installed, and the tolino eReader will restart.

After restarting your tolino eReader, you can continue reading right away, of course.

You can also check your tolino eReader for the latest software manually. To do this, simply visit mytolino.de. Current updates appear on the left when you go to “Service” in the menu. Simply select your device from the list and check whether the current software matches the software on your device.

You can also perform a manual update. To do this, the first step is to download the latest software version on the mytolino website. After that, remove the SD memory card (if any) from your tolino and connect it to your PC using a USB cable. Now open the “MY TOLINO” directory in Windows Explorer and drag and drop the update file named “update.zip” directly to the main menu. Safely disconnect the device from the PC and restart it. The update will automatically start after you restart the reader.

Depending on your model and storage capacity, you can store between 2,000 and 6,000 eBooks locally on your tolino eReader.

If you have reached your memory limit, you can delete eBooks locally from your tolino eReader without losing your purchased titles. The books remain in the tolino cloud, where you can download them again at any time. Titles that you have stored in your tolino eReader’s memory yourself can also be uploaded to the tolino cloud as a backup or copied to your computer via USB connection.

Some models also let you insert an SD memory card to increase the memory capacity. This applies to the following models:

tolino shine 1
tolino vision 1

Occasionally, you may find that your bookseller’s server is undergoing maintenance, so it is unavailable for a short time. Please try again later. If the error continues, please contact the customer care team of your bookseller.

If you run into trouble logging in on your tolino eReader, we recommend repeating the login process via your computer. If it still doesn’t work, the server may be undergoing maintenance, so there is a connection issue. If you still can’t log in a while later, please contact the customer care team of your bookseller.

If you have trouble connecting your tolino eReader to the WLAN, there may be various reasons. Here are a few tips to help you rule out typical causes of errors and resolve tolino WLAN problems on your own if possible. Please check the following:

  1. Is your tolino inadvertently in flight mode?
    The WLAN connection to your tolino eReader is automatically disabled in flight mode. You can tell when your device is in flight mode from the airplane symbol displayed in the status bar at top right on your screen. You can turn off flight mode in the main menu by switching to “WLAN.”
  2. Are you trying to connect the tolino to the wrong WLAN?
    Check whether you selected the correct wireless network connection. Please also be sure your WLAN’s security settings are set to allow all computers and devices to connect to the network. Ideally, you should also test your data at the same time on another device, like a smartphone. If you have no problem connecting on the other device, there must be a different reason for the error.
  3. Does the name of your WLAN or your password contain umlauts or other diacritic marks?
    By diacritic marks, we mean letters with accents or other symbols (examples: â, é, ő). This type of character in WLAN names (SSID) or WLAN passwords can cause connection problems. Depending on how your specific router codes these characters, your tolino eReader may be unable to access the WLAN.
  4. Is your WLAN signal too weak or unstable?
    Especially if you live in a large building with thick walls and don’t use a WLAN repeater, you may find that the signal strength is too weak or too unstable to connect to WLAN in your location. Check to make sure the signal quality and signal availability in your location are sufficient. If possible, move to a location closer to the router.
  5. Is your tolino eReader set to the wrong date?
    The settings for your tolino eReader allow you to do various things, including manually selecting the date. If you have set the date incorrectly for any reason instead of using the automatic date, there may be problems connecting to a WLAN router. If this is the case, please set your tolino eReader to the correct date and try again to connect to WLAN.
  6. Are you using an incompatible frequency band? Connecting to a 5 GHz WLAN.
    Because of the built-in hardware module, tolino eReaders only support WALN networks with a long-range 2.4 GHz frequency band. Your tolino cannot establish a WLAN connection with 5 GHz WLAN. Please check the frequency band for your WLAN router and the relevant settings to eliminate this source of errors. In case of doubt, we recommend taking a look at the user guide for your router. If you use a 5 GHz WLAN connection by default for your other devices, please make sure your router also works on the 2.4 GHz frequency for the tolino eReader, meaning that it offers both frequencies.
  7. Are you using an outdated WLAN encryption method such as WPA1/2 with TKIP or WEP?
    To ensure that your WLAN network is secure and guard against unauthorized access, there are various kinds of encryption that you may have configured on your router. These encryption protocols have evolved over time, so some types of encryption are now viewed as insecure and outdated. Our tolino eReaders support exclusively current, secure encryption methods. This means connecting to WLAN that uses the outdated TKIP encryption method is no longer possible after the update to version 11.2.2 of the software. Please check the encryption protocols used for your WLAN if your tolino is unable to connect to WLAN. Your WLAN encryption should be set to WPA1/2 CCMP(AES).

Your Windows computer may not recognize the tolino eReader. If this happens to you, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Check whether there is an issue with your USB port by trying a different USB connection on your computer.
  2. Check whether there is an issue with your USB cable by trying a different cable.
  3. Check whether there is any dirt or dust on the tolino eReader connection, and clean it if so.
  4. Open Device Manager on your PC and check whether the tolino eReader is displayed there. If so, check whether you need to install a new driver.

Some tolino eReaders feature HZO water protection to protect them against fresh water from the inside. They can withstand being submerged in water at a depth of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes or up to 2 meters for as long as 60 minutes (tolino vision 5 and tolino epos 2 only). If your tolino accidentally comes into contact with other liquids, simply rinse it with tap water and let it dry for 48 hours.

The following models feature water protection:

tolino vision
tolino vision 3 HD
tolino vision 4 HD
tolino vision 5
tolino epos
tolino epos 2

Please check your Internet connection. To open the title on your tolino eReader (by tapping the eBook) for the first time, thus automatically storing it on your device, you need an Internet connection. After that, you can read the eBook anytime, even without an Internet connection.

In rare cases, your screen may “freeze,” so your tolino eReader stops responding. In this case, you should reset the device. The reset button is located in a small opening on the bottom of your tolino eReader. Straighten out a paperclip and insert it into the opening until you feel slight resistance. This will restart your tolino eReader.

If you have a tolino epos or tolino shine 3, the restart process is a bit different. You need to hold the power button down for more than ten seconds to restart. Don’t be surprised if the screen you last saw continues to appear. To restart your tolino epos or tolino shine 3, simply press and hold the power button again for about 1 to 2 seconds.

If you have trouble performing a software update, we recommend that you reset your device as the first step. To do this, simply press the reset button. The button is located in a small opening on the bottom of your tolino eReader. Insert something like a straightened paperclip into the opening until you feel slight resistance. This will restart your tolino eReader.

If you have a tolino epos or tolino shine 3, the restart process is a bit different. You need to hold the power button down for more than ten seconds to restart. Don’t be surprised if the screen you last saw continues to appear. To restart your tolino epos or tolino shine 3, simply press and hold the power button again for about 1 to 2 seconds.

Your tolino eReader supports the most common eBook formats: ePUB and PDF, in each case without DRM (copy protection), with a digital watermark and with Adobe DRM. You can also store and read files in TXT format on your tolino eReader.

Scope of warranty for tolino eReader

If a manufacturing defect in materials and/or workmanship (“defect”) occurs in the tolino eReader during the first 12 or 24 months (depending on the device) from the date of purchase from a retailer, you can file a warranty claim with Longshine Technologie GmbH. If you receive warranty service, the warranty period is not extended overall.

Warranty service for the tolino eReader

Longshine will fulfill warranty obligations for defects by providing free repairs or replacing a defective reader with one that does not have defects. Replaced parts and readers become the property of Longshine Technologie GmbH.

Warranty exclusions

The warranty does not encompass optional accessories or defects that have arisen due to improper use, user error, or external influence. The warranty also excludes wearing parts such as batteries that stop working through use alone. This warranty does not cover the possible costs of modifications or adaptations to the reader that become necessary to adjust it to the national technical or safety-related requirements in a country where the reader is not supposed to be purchased, but is intended for use.

Making a claim under the tolino eReader warranty

To make a claim under the warranty for your tolino eReader, you will need proof of purchase (invoice, receipt) showing the date of purchase and the reader model name. You must file a claim concerning the defect in your reader with Longshine Technologie GmbH within the warranty period.

To do this, see the text below for full contact information for your warrantor.

Data backups

When you send in your tolino eReader, no guarantee can be given for the data stored on the reader. We recommend that you back up your data before sending in your tolino eReader.

If you have any further questions about warranty services for your tolino, please contact your bookseller’s customer service team.

Contact information for the warranty provider and manufacturer of the tolino eReader:

Address and hotline of your warrantor

Your warrantor depends on the country where you bought your tolino eReader. If you no longer have your warranty information, you can request it from your warrantor.

Warrantor Germany

Longshine Technologie GmbH
An der Strusbek 9
22926 Ahrensburg
Hotline +49 4102 4922 33

E-Mail Kontakt: tolino@longshine.de

Warrantor Italy
Centro Assistenza Tecnica
Internet Bookshop Italia S.r.l.
Via Giuseppe Verdi n.8
20090 Assago (MI)
Hotline +39 02 91 43 52 30

eMail: customerservice@ibs.it

Warrantor Netherlands
OBEO Europe B.V.
Boterstraat 25
3111 NA Schiedam

Hotline +31 8501 6018 0

Warrantor Nederland
Longshine Technologie GmbH
Boterstraat 25
3111 NA Schiedam

Hotline +31 85 0160 eMail: 180

To protect copyrighted content, many eBooks are equipped with DRM (digital rights management) protection. To read this content, you need an Adobe user account (Adobe ID). In the menu, you will see “Adobe DRM” under “My accounts.” You can set up your Adobe ID information here and authorize your tolino eReader. You can register an Adobe ID free of charge using the quick and easy process offered on the Adobe website.

As soon as you have finished reading an eBook, it disappears from the title overview under “My books” and is moved to the “Read books” collection. These books still appear in the author overview, however.  If you wish to mark your read eBook as unread, which will move it back to the title overview under “My books,” open the collection and press and hold the eBook in question, then select “Mark as unread” in the context menu that appears. Alternatively, you can also go to the “Read books” collection and use the function menu (three dots at top right) to select “Mark books as unread” and then select one or more eBooks to mark as unread.