Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs) - tolino vision 4 HD

Getting Started and General Information on Use

The easiest way of doing this is to use the automatic software updates. As soon as an update is available and you are connected to a WLAN network, you will be asked to update your software. If you don’t want to update your tolino eReader via the WLAN network, you can also update it using your PC. Open your Internet browser, go to the “Service” section of and click “Updates”. Then select your tolino eReader model and download the update. When the file “” is on your computer, connect your eReader to your PC using the USB cable. Copy the downloaded file to the root directory of your tolino eReader. Then disconnect your eReader from your computer and restart your eReader. The software is automatically installed.

Simply open the menu, then go to “Settings” and select “WLAN and flight mode”. This page will display all WLAN networks in your vicinity. If you tap a network name with a padlock, a window will open where you have to enter the WLAN password. Then your tolino eReader will connect to the network.

If you tap a network name without a padlock icon, your tolino will automatically attempt to establish a new WLAN connection. If the network is a public “hotspot” (no padlock icon) you may have to agree to the terms of use or log in to connect your tolino eReader to the Internet.

You can switch the reading light (not tolino page) on and off by pressing briefly on the button at the very top right of your tolino eReader. If you press the button for longer, a window on your screen will open where you can set the brightness with a slider. Of course the light can also be adjusted in the menu or the reading settings. Just open the menu, go to “Settings” and then “Reading light”. Or you can simply tap the reading light icon in the reading settings.

By the way: With the tolino vision 4 HD eReader you can even set the color temperature of the screen – discover smartLight!

The eBooks you have purchased or uploaded yourself and the associated reading information are stored for you in the tolino Cloud by default. If for example you have been reading an eBook on your tolino eReader but are now using the tolino app to read while you’re out and about, the data are automatically synchronized for you. Sometimes it can happen that not all information is completely up to date. To fix this, simply tap the Synchronization icon in your library. Now all your eBooks should appear in your library, and any other reading information such as current reading progress, bookmarks, notes or collections should be updated.

As soon as you have logged in with your customer account and your tolino reader is connected to the Internet via WLAN, you can use the cloud. All titles you purchase in the shop are automatically stored securely in the cloud. To read an individual title from the cloud, tap on a title marked with a cloud symbol in the library. The content will be downloaded to your tolino reader and stored locally.

You may wish to add digital reading content that you already owned before purchasing your tolino. You can do so via USB link to your computer. As soon as your tolino is connected to your computer via the USB cable, it is automatically available for data exchange with the PC and displayed as a removable mass storage device.

Buy eBooks and sign up at the bookstore

You are not tied to a single bookseller; you can also buy your eBooks from other eBook shops. To ensure that all your purchased eBooks are in a single library you should perform a library link.
If you buy eBooks from an eBook shop that is not part of the tolino alliance, you can transfer eBooks (in EPUB or PDF format) from your computer to your tolino eReader using a USB cable. Even easier: You can also access the tolino web reader at and conveniently upload your eBooks (except ACSM files) from there to the tolino Cloud, from where you can access your books either with your tolino eReader, with the tolino app or the tolino webreader.

If you want to borrow eBooks from a public lending library, you can easily do so using the integrated web browser on your tolino eReader. eBooks you borrow and download here are automatically stored on your tolino eReader and are immediately available to you. You can also return the borrowed books using your tolino eReader. Important note: You will often need an Adobe ID to borrow books.

When you start your tolino eReader for the first time and are not yet logged in, a button “Set up now” will appear on your home page. If no WLAN network has been set up yet, you will be asked to do so now. After that you’ll be prompted to log in with the bookseller of your choice. If you do not yet have a customer account, you can create one here and then immediately browse the shop.
If you have trouble setting up your customer account, first use your PC to register with your bookseller and then log in with your tolino eReader.

If you buy eBooks from multiple tolino booksellers, it’s helpful to bring all your purchased eBooks together in a single library. And that’s really easy with the library link. Go to “My accounts” in the menu and then select “Library link”. Please note that you have to be logged in to do this. Then select the bookseller account to which you want to link your library, and log in there.

tolino eco system help and functions

When buying your eBooks you are not committed to one book seller only. You may buy eBooks from different tolino partners and will have them at your disposal in your tolino eBook library afterwards. The condition is that you have connected the eBook libraries beforehand. For doing so open up the menu on the starting page of your tolino eBook reader and select the element “my accounts”. Afterwards go to “library link”.

As soon as you have startet the tolino library link, you will be shown a list of all tolino partners. You may connect one account per book seller. With each link the new book seller and tolino eReader distributor will be informed. You will get a confirmation email from both regarding the connection. After the link procedure all of your books will be displayed in the linked eBook library.

An existing library link may of course be deleted at all times. The books from that connection won’t be shown anymore in your eBook library.

By the way: the unique tolino eBook connection may not only be induced from your tolino eBook Reader (e.g. tolino shine 2 HD, tolino vision 3 HD and tolino page), but also via the tolino Webreader or the tolino App. This way you may may manage your tolino library from different devices at all times.

a) accessing the tolino Cloud on the eBook reader

You may use the tolino Cloud as soon as your tolino eReader is connected with the internet via WLAN and you have connected with your tolino book seller using your customer account.

All eBooks and texts, that you buy in your tolino book shop are automatically being saved to your tolino Cloud. Furthermore you can upload books from your tolino eReader and respectively micro SD card (depending on your device), into the tolino Cloud.

Whenever you want to up- or download books into or from the tolino Cloud, you can easily do that in your library “my books”. Just tap onto a cover with your finger and hold it on there until the context menu opens up. Afterwards choose “upload” or “download”.


b) Using the tolino Cloud via Webreader

The tolino Webreader is the ideal opportunity to manage your eBook and audio book library online. To do so simply open the tolino Webreader via mytolino Website for example, sign in with your tolino book seller customer details any aou will have access to your eBook and audio book library.

If you want to add new eBooks and audio books to the tolino Webreader, you can simply upload them from your Laptop and synchronize them with the tolino Cloud in doing so. The uploaded titles are of course available to you at all times, and you may read them using any of your other devices and can be synchronized.


c) using the tolino Cloud via tolino App

All books and documents that are saved in the tolino Cloud are available to you on up until 5 different devices. If for example you start reading a book on your tolino eReader and then stop, you can continue reading where you left off, with the free tolino reading app, from either your smart phone, tablet or computer. All you have to do is sign in with the same tolino book seller customer account.

As soon as you put in your customer details in the tolino App, the tolino App automatically synchronizes your eBook and audio book library, to provide you with full access to all your titles from your tolino reading app.



Information about the data protection is available under


Collection and use of personal data

The tolino book retailers use your personal data only for the technical management of their websites and to provide you with the services you request. If you would like more information on data privacy, please visit the website of your tolino book retailer.


Customer choice

The tolino book retailers may sometimes wish to contact customers to inform them of special offers, new products and services. When you register on these websites or buy products or services, you will be asked to state whether you would like to receive such promotional messages.


Freedom of information

On written request, the tolino book retailers will inform you what personal data (e.g. name, address) they hold on you. Please contact your tolino book retailer if you would like to request this information.

You can enlarge or reduce the font size in an eBook with a simple finger gesture. When reading an eBook, place two fingers on the screen and move the fingers slowly apart or towards each other. The font size level is shown on the display. The font size will now be adjusted. Please note that you can only use this functionality in reading mode.

As your tolino eReader has a built-in WLAN module, you can connect your device to the Internet using a wireless network (WLAN).

If you do not have your own WLAN network, you can use numerous HotSpots from Deutsche Telekom AG* free of charge in Germany. Or use the free WLAN network in your provider’s branch.

*Free use of the Deutsche Telekom AG HotSpots at all German sites. For the Terms and Conditions for free use of HotSpots see here.

Problems with tolino and WLAN

There can be a number of reasons why you are having problems establishing a connection between your tolino eBook Reader and a wireless network. Here you will find some help and assistance to rule out typical causes of error and to solve your tolino WLAN problems on your own if necessary.

Please check the following:

1. Have you accidentally turned on your tolino’s flight mode?

Please ensure that you have not activated flight mode on your eBook Reader by accident. Flight mode automatically turns off tolino eBook Reader’s wireless connection and connectivity. Once flight mode has been activated, an airplane symbol will be displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the screen of your tolino eBook reader.


2. Could you be trying to connect your tolino to the wrong wireless network?

Please check to see whether you have selected the right wireless network and that you are using the correct password.

In apartment buildings in particular, there are often many WLAN networks with similar names. For example, you might actually want to connect to “FRITZ!Box 7270,” but then accidentally click on a similar WLAN network with the name “FRITZ!Box 7207” instead. Of course, in such cases, it will not be possible to connect using your WLAN password. So, if your tolino won’t connect with the WLAN network, please rule out this source of error by checking to see whether you have selected the right combination of correct network name (SSID) and password.

Please also ensure that you have authorized your WLAN network for all computers and devices in your WLAN network’s security settings.

Please test your data on another device, e.g., a smartphone at the same time. If you are able to connect to the network using this device without any problems, there is another cause of error.

3. Does the name of your WLAN network or the password contain letters with umlauts or other diacritics?

Umlauts in WLAN names (SSID) or WLAN passwords can cause problems when trying to establish a connection. Depending on the way that your specific router encodes umlauts (in combination with the respective browser that you are using to configure the router), your tolino eBook reader might not be able to access the WLAN connection. It then won’t be possible to establish a WLAN connection using the tolino eBook Reader due to the incorrect umlaut display.

The easiest way to completely rule out this cause of error is not to use “ß,” umlauts or any other diacritics in WLAN names (SSID or password). For this reason, some routers do not allow the use of these symbols in the first place. Diacritics are letters that have, for example, hooks, strokes or dots on them, such as â, é and ő. In this case, please take the precaution of changing your password and then try again to establish a connection using your tolino eBook Reader.

4. Weak WLAN signal strength or unstable wireless connection?

The signal strength at your location might be too weak or unstable for a WLAN connection, especially in the case of thick walls in large apartment buildings or if a WLAN repeater is being used. As a result, the tolino eReader might not connect to the wireless network at all or the connection might be repeatedly interrupted.

Please therefore ensure that the signal quality and signal availability are sufficient at your location. If necessary, please change locations and reduce your distance to the router.

Signal strength and transfer rates can also be a source of error when trying to establish WLAN connections via mobile hotspots or if you have a download volume limit. In this case, we recommend changing the WLAN.

5. False date set in the tolino eReader?
You can manually select the date in the settings of your tolino eReader. If, for any reason, you have accidentally entered the wrong date or it is not entered automatically, it can lead to problems when trying to establish a connection with a WLAN router. Please enter the right date in your tolino eReader and try to connect to the wireless network again using your tolino.

6. Are you using an incompatible frequency? Establish connections using a 5 GHz WLAN network.
The hardware modules installed in the tolino eReader only support WLAN networks with a high-coverage 2.4 GHz frequency. It is not possible to connect your tolino to a 5 GHz WLAN network.

Please check the frequency of your WLAN router and the appropriate settings to remedy this cause of error. If in doubt, we recommend that you take a look at your router’s instruction manual.

If you are using a 5 GHz WLAN connection as the default for your other devices, please ensure that your router is also transmitting a 2.4 GHz frequency for your tolino eReader – i.e., that it offers both frequencies.

7. Are you using an out-of-date WLAN encryption method such as WPA1/2 with TKIP or WEP?
There are different ways to configure your router’s encryption in order to ensure that your WLAN network is secure and to protect it against unauthorized access. Security protocols have advanced with time, which means that some forms of encryption are now considered insecure or out of date.

Our tolino eBook Readers only support up-to-date, secure encryption methods. For this reason, it is no longer possible to establish a connection with a WLAN network that uses the out-of-date TKIP encryption method once you have updated to software version 11.2.2. Please check the security protocols of your WLAN network if your tolino is no longer able to establish a connection with the wireless network. Your WLAN encryption should be set to WPA1/2 CCMP (AES).

Please also ensure that you have authorized your WLAN network for all computers and devices in your WLAN network’s security settings.

Problems and troubleshooting with the tolino eBook Reader

As part of the recently released version 11.2 eReader software update, a small amount of our eBook readers experienced problems with the WLAN module. To our knowledge, this affects the models tolino vision 2, tolino vision 4 HD and tolino shine 2 HD. Due to the error feedback of our customers, the update was immediately withdrawn and since then analyzed and corrected in the software. Basically, this problem does not appear to be widespread, so that tolino readers with the corresponding devices do not necessarily have to be affected by this error. If your eReader has no problems, you can of course stay at the new software level until we publish the corrected software.

What can affected customers do?
If you have problems with the WLAN connection on your tolino eBook reader that occurred after the update to the software version 11.2, we recommend to reset your tolino eBook reader. Please make sure that the battery has sufficient capacity (at least 50%) before resetting to factory settings. After resetting, the WLAN module should be functional again on affected devices.

If you experience problems, please contact your bookseller.

In rare cases it may happen that the screen “freezes” and your tolino eReader stops responding. Don’t worry – all you have to do is press the reset button located in a small opening at the lower end of your tolino eReader. You’ll need a straightened paper clip, which you have to insert into the opening until you feel a slight resistance. Your tolino eReader will then restart. On yout tolino epos, the reset function works a bit differently. To reset, you need to press the on/off button and  hold it for more than ten seconds. Don’t be surprised if the last viewed screen remains displayed. In order to switch on your tolino epos again, siply press the on/off button again for 1-2 seconds.

If this problem occurs frequently, we recommend resetting your eReader to its factory settings. To perform a factory reset, tap “Settings” in the menu and then “Advanced settings”. Please note that all data that are not stored in the tolino Cloud will be deleted if you do this.

If the battery is empty, you may find that the last image is displayed on the screen and your tolino no longer responds. Connect your tolino eReader to a USB charger overnight using the original USB cable. If your tolino eReader still won’t start on the following day, please contact your warrantor. If the rechargeable battery is damaged, your warrantor can replace it. If your warranty has expired, you will receive a cost estimate for this service. You can find the address of your warrantor in the Warranty FAQ.

For complete warranty information please see the packaging of your tolino eReader.


Address and hotline of your warrantor

Your warrantor depends on the country where you bought your tolino eReader. If you no longer have your warranty information, you can request it from your warrantor.

Warrantor Germany
Longshine Technologie GmbH
An der Strusbek 9
22926 Ahrensburg
Hotline +49 4102 4922 33

E-Mail Kontakt:

Warrantor Italy
Centro Assistenza Tecnica
Longshine Italia Srl
Casella Postale 56
80034 Marigliano (Na)
Hotline +39 0811 8856 914


Warrantor Netherlands
OBEO Europe B.V.
Boterstraat 25
3111 NA Schiedam

Hotline +31 8501 6018 0

Warrantor Netherlands/Belgium and France
UP-Servers/Mokum SPRL
3 Route des Marnières
1380 Lasne

Hotline +32 2880 0134

Warrantor Spain
Longshine Iberia S.L.
c/ Industria, 14 – Polígono La Riera
43762 La Riera de Gaià / Tarragona

Hotline +34 977 6557 57

Water Protection by HZO (device-dependent)

Your tolino eReader (tolino vision 2, tolino vision 3 HD, tolino vision 4 HD or tolino epos) can be safely submerged in fresh water at a depth of up to one meter for up to 30 minutes. Should your eReader accidentally come into contact with other liquids, simply wash it off with tap water and let it dry for 48 hours.