Tolino epos 2
The eReader that meets the highest standards.

  • Ergonomic design with page buttons for an even more intuitive experience
  • Automatic display rotation, simple reading in portrait or landscape mode
  • The planar display surface is particularly sturdy thanks to its integrated protection

8-inch eReader display: Off to new dimensions!

Experience unrivalled reading pleasure on an 8-inch display. The new tolino epos 2 possesses true size, offering even more space for your stories. This latest eReader can now display even more text on the screen, even at large fonts, meaning that you don’t have to turn the page too often. Turn pages using the precision touchscreen or the large page buttons on the side of the tolino epos 2: The choice is yours! The automatic display adjustment offers added flexibility and allows you to instantly switch between portrait and landscape modes. In spite of its size, the tolino epos 2 is a real lightweight, tipping the scales 25 % lighter than the previous model.

tolino epos 2 eReader

Optimized ergonomic design for best possible handling

Your tolino epos 2 always sits perfectly in your hand thanks to its optimized ergonomic form with page buttons, non-slip surface on the back and soft-touch paint. The planar display on the tolino epos 2 is not only elegant, it is also particularly sturdy thanks to the integrated display protection. That means you can take it with you wherever you go and the reading pleasure never stops.

tolino epos 2 eReader

smartLight: The best light during the day and at night

The one and only smartLight ensures perfect lighting at all times on your tolino epos 2. The clever color adjustment of the integrated reading light adapts automatically and changes in accordance to natural daylight – switching from cool light in the morning to warm light in the evening. It’s perfect for our natural rhythm, especially if you like to read before going to sleep. Of course you can individually adjust smartLight according to your preferences, whether you want cool or warm light. If you are reading in bright daylight, you can also turn the lighting off completely and extend your eReader’s battery life even further. Read like the printed page without any annoying reflections from the sun.

tolino epos 2 eReader

Relaxing, reading and taking a bath

With the tolino epos2 eReader you will enjoy a relaxed reading time out when taking a bath with your new, favorite eBook. Thanks to its Water Protection by HZO, the tolino epos 2 is completely protected from water damage and can handle a brief dip without any trouble. That means you can immerse your tolino epos 2 into fresh water for up to 60 minutes at a depth of 2 meters. If your tolino epos 2 accidentally falls into the bath, you can go on reading straight afterwards! Escape your daily routine with the best of both worlds – captivating books and the comfort of an eReader.

tolino epos 2 eReader

Weeks of reading pleasure – perfect for your holiday

Even heavy readers will be impressed by its stamina: The tolino epos 2 consumes little power during reading, guaranteeing weeks of reading pleasure. This is not just practical in everyday life, but also makes the tolino epos 2 eBook Reader an ideal travel companion.

tolino epos 2 eReader

Limitless freedom – buy eBooks wherever you want

tolino is all about free choice and leaves you to make the decision where you want to buy your eBooks. This means that you can enjoy the full range of eBooks from all available tolino eBook retailers. You can also load existing EPUB and PDF eBooks easily onto your tolino epos 2 and read them on your eReader thanks to the practical tolino Cloud synchronization and the tolino library link functions.

tolino epos 2 eReader

Download eBooks directly via WLAN

Looking to download the latest bestsellers or eBook bargains on your eReader in a matter of seconds? Simply connect your tolino epos 2 to WLAN and browse through the latest page-turners in the integrated eBook shop. Free use of Telekom HotSpots in Germany (after logging in with a bookseller account) also provides you with quick access to the internet.

  • Automatic display rotation, simple reading in portrait or landscape mode

  • Set font type and size individually in your eBook

  • Open System: compatible with EPUB, PDF, TXT, compatible with eBooks from public lending libraries, e.g. Onleihe

  • Download eBooks directly via WLAN

  • Weeks and weeks of battery life for long-lasting reading pleasure

  • Optimal water protection

  • smartLight: automatic color temperature adjustment depending on the time of day

  • 8-inch eReader display and optimized ergonomic form with page buttons

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