tolino cloud, WLAN und free HotSpots

Take advantage of the free HotSpot access of Deutsche Telekom with your tolino epos eReader and enjoy the advantages of the tolino cloud.

tolino cloud – maximum flexibility and security for your eBooks

The tolino cloud puts your eBook library at your fingertips at all times. Access your eBooks when you’re out and about or using other reading devices at any time, even if you don’t have your tolino epos to hand. You can synchronize your eBooks with up to five other reading devices. And the best part is: the tolino cloud offers you 5 GB of free storage for your eBooks. That’s enough space for up to 5,000 eBooks!

Download eBooks in a flash via WLAN and start reading immediately

Download new eBooks to your tolino epos eReader in just a few easy steps: set up WLAN, connect your tolino epos to the Internet via WLAN, and simply switch to your tolino bookseller’s integrated eBook shop via the home screen. Over 2 million eBooks are available to purchase and download to your eReader, giving you access to a huge selection of new reading material even on weekends, public holidays or late at night.

Free access to numerous Telekom HotSpots

You can access the Internet free of charge* with your tolino epos in many tolino booksellers’ stores, at railway stations, on ICE trains, at airports, cafés, restaurants, hotels and highway rest stops in Germany.  Wherever you see the HotSpot sign, your tolino epos can connect to the Internet. Fast Internet access via WLAN means you can browse the eBook shops and buy new books even when you’re out and about.

*Free use of the Deutsche Telekom AG HotSpots in Germany. The Terms and Conditions for free use of HotSpots apply