tolino page - reads like the printed page at a great low price

  • Practical E Ink® Carta touch-screen display
  • Your pocket library thanks to the space to store 2,000 eBooks
  • Includes 5 GB in the tolino cloud and free Deutsche Telekom HotSpot access throughout Germany
  • Open system – compatible with ePub, PDF, TXT and Onleihe
  • Several weeks of battery life for long-lasting reading pleasure
  • Includes dictionary and translation function
The tolino page in the front and back view.

Reads like the printed page, lighter than a paperback

Thanks to E Ink® technology, the tolino page’s screen reflects light almost like normal paper, for no-glare reading, even in intense sunlight. The compact eReader barely weighs more than a paperback. Its low weight makes it outstandingly easy to carry and use, for a comfortable hold while reading. Reads like the printed page – with the advantages of digital reading.

The Tolino cloud storage to access continuously to 25 GB reading content.

2,000 eBooks in your pocket, plus additional storage space in the tolino cloud

The tolino page can hold up to 2,000 eBooks. This eBook reader brings variety to reading, even when you’re on the go. Want to stay flexible? Simply upload your eBooks to your free tolino cloud and access your saved eBooks online anytime from a wide range of devices.

The tolino page front view library.

Compatible with standard eBook formats ePub, PDF and TXT

tolino gives you freedom of choice. It even lets you decide which retailer you want to buy your eBooks from. All tolino eReaders are compatible with the standard eBook formats ePub, PDF and TXT (with and without Adobe copy protection). As a result, you can download new eBooks in these standard formats to your tolino page and read them whenever you want.

Several weeks of battery life with the tolino page.

Up to 2 weeks of battery life

The tolino page’s battery gives you several weeks of reading pleasure without having to worry about where the nearest power outlet is. Even when you’re on the road, the tolino page is a reliable everyday companion for hours and hours of reading fun. Enjoy a worry-free read with the tolino page on the beach, at home in your backyard, on the bus to work or wherever you happen to be.

WLAN access with tolino page.

Convenient eBook download thanks to Wi-Fi and Telekom HotSpots

Download new eBooks to your tolino page at the speed of light. All you need to do to access the wide world of digital books is turn on the Wi-Fi connection on your tolino page. Get brand-new eBooks and the hottest eBook best sellers on your tolino page anytime – day or night – and start reading them right away. What’s more, the tolino page eBook reader lets you benefit from handy built-in access to Deutsche Telekom HotSpots throughout Germany, so that you can browse for free for new reads at many train stations, airports, restaurants and cafes.

Create your own collections with tolino page.

Experience everything reading has to offer with over 1.8 million eBooks

Discover the largest selection of German-language eBooks with the new tolino page. Your tolino bookstore’s pre-installed eBook shop makes buying new eBooks child’s play. The unique tolino library link gives you a whole new level of flexibility. Link your eBook libraries at different tolino bookstores for access to the entire eBook selection from all tolino bookstores at your fingertips.


tolino page eBook reader - all benefits at a glance:

  • E Ink Carta screen – paper-like reading

  • 2 GB of storage for up to 2000 eBooks (of 4 GB total)

  • Up to 2 weeks battery life

  • Safely store, manage and easily synchronize your eBooks with mobile devices via the tolino cloud

  • Integrated eBook shop with over 2 million eBooks

  • Open system – compatible with ePUB, PDF and TXT

  • Download new eBooks around the clock via WLAN and start reading instantly

  • Compatible with eBooks from public lending libraries

  • Excellent tolino service – online, over the phone and in our bricks-and-mortar stores

  • 12-month manufacturer warranty

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