Practical, with a new display and design – the tolino shine 2 HD

Completely revised and with optimized features: the simple and compact tolino shine 2 HD, for everyone who enjoys the practical side of eReading.

Font type and size – as you like it

Would you prefer a larger font, or a different font type? With the tolino shine 2 HD you can change both instantly. Enlarge or reduce the font size of your eBooks in seconds with a simple touch gesture: pinch (to reduce) or spread (to enlarge) your fingers to set the perfect font size for you.

Make your mark

Notes in an eBook? The tolino shine 2 HD offers a wide range of options for amateur proofreaders and people who want to record their responses to what they read. Set bookmarks with a finger tap and highlight, note down and store your thoughts directly in your eBook. You can easily export your notes for further editing or synchronize them to other reading devices via the tolino cloud.

Helpful dictionary and translation functions

The unknown doesn’t have to stay unknown –the tolino shine 2 HD lets you look up unfamiliar words directly as you read, helping you effortlessly expand your vocabulary. Simply download the dictionaries you want to your tolino shine 2 HD, and German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian words instantly reveal their secrets, ensuring that you’re perfectly equipped even for complicated specialist literature. Do you like reading eBooks in foreign languages? Then you’ll find the tolino shine 2 HD’s translation function very useful – give it a try!

Better organized with individual collections

Keep everything neat: create individual collections to quickly find your way around your eBook bookshelf. There are no limits to your creativity in setting up your collections. Adding or removing eBooks couldn’t be easier: simply tap the cover of an eBook for three seconds in your library. The context menu will immediately open and offer you a wide range of options.

Adjust the text perfectly to your preferences

Select your preferred line height, text alignment and margins to create an especially relaxing reading experience for yourself. Of course you can also read eBooks and PDF documents in landscape mode if you prefer. Simply switch between portrait and landscape format in the reading menu to set the best page view for your eBook.

All the reading functions of the tolino shine 2 HD

  • Set font type and size individually in eBooks

  • Easily look up unfamiliar words in the integrated dictionary by tapping

  • Translate words in your eBooks – simply tap to show translation

  • Full-text search lets you easily find keywords within your eBook

  • Sort your eBooks and create collections

  • Compatible with PDFs, including zoom functions and text conversion

  • Compatible with the ePUB standard eBook format

  • Select chapters easily using your eBook's table of contents

  • Set bookmarks in your eBooks with a simple finger tap

  • Highlight text and make notes directly in your eBook

  • Convenient library link for all tolino booksellers

  • Lock your screen with the practical numbers lock