More than
just good looks

The tolino shine 3 with its new design offers more optimized reading features.

Font type and size – as you like it

Would you prefer a larger font, or a different font type? With the tolino shine 3 you can change both instantly. Enlarge or reduce the font size of your eBooks in seconds with a simple touch gesture: pinch (to reduce) or spread (to enlarge) your fingers to set the perfect font size for you.

Besides, you can even add more fonts to your tolino shine 3! Enjoy your eBooks with your favorite font.

Helpful dictionary and translation functions

If you come across an unfamiliar word while reading, the new tolino shine 3 will help you out with its handy dictionary and translation functions. Simply tap on a word for two seconds and your tolino will offer to highlight the word, create a note or look up/translate the term. If you’re faced with an unfamiliar word or perhaps even reading in a foreign language, this functionality is a real highlight – all it requires is that you have loaded the free dictionaries you want to use onto your tolino shine 3 beforehand. Dictionaries are available for German, English, Spanish, Dutch and Italian.

Create collections for optimal organization

Easily organize your reading treasures using individual collections to maintain a clear overview of your eBook library on your tolino shine 3. Whether by genre, preference, reading status or gift idea – there are no limits to the possibilities for creating collections. Of course the library management functions allow you to easily add or remove new or read eBooks at any time. Tap an eBook cover for three seconds in the library view and the various management functions will appear as a context menu.

Read and comment on your eBooks – as you like

Make notes and set bookmarks in your eBook with a finger tap. The tolino shine 3 allows you to conveniently highlight text passages and create notes. Of course you can save or delete your notes at any time, export them for word processing or synchronize them to other reading devices via the tolino cloud.

Adapt the text layout to your preferences

Would you like to change the line height or the margins of your eBook? Choose for yourself how many sentences per page you want to see and how their lines are spaced so that you can follow the author’s words with as little distraction as possible. Tap the center of the screen in your eBook; when the reading menu opens, you can select your preferred text layout settings. Of course the tolino shine 3 also allows you to switch between portrait and landscape mode – select whichever you prefer for your eBook.

All the reading functions of the tolino shine 3

  • Set font type and size individually in eBooks

  • Translate words in your eBooks or look them up in the integrated dictionary

  • Set bookmarks in your eBooks with a simple finger tap

  • Highlight text and make notes directly in your eBook

  • Sort your eBooks and create collections

  • Compatible with eBooks from public lending libraries

  • Full-text search lets you easily fi nd keywords within your eBook

  • Lock your screen with the practical numbers lock

  • Merge libraries from multiple tolino shops using the tolino library link

  • Synchronize progress across multiple devices