tolino vision 5

tolino vision 5 eReader

Adjust your eBook – individual fonts and font sizes on the tolino page

Want to choose a different font for your eBook or increase the font size? Choose from nine font sizes and six fonts to get the perfect settings when you read your eBook. Change the font size on your tolino page in no time flat directly on the screen by moving two fingers closer together (smaller) or farther apart (larger) to get the font size that is right for you.

tolino vision 5 eReader

Bookmark pages, highlight text and make notes in your eBook

Experience perfect reading comfort thanks to the tolino page’s wide range of features. No compromises necessary! Bookmark pages just like in a printed book, without ruining the page while you’re at it. All you need to do to add a digital bookmark is lightly tap the upper right-hand corner of the eBook page. Tap it again to delete the bookmark in the blink of an eye. Highlighting text and making notes is also a breeze. Simply run your finger over the part of the text you want to mark, and then use the context menu to highlight the text or make a note. And even better, you can synchronize your personal eBook notes with other readers anytime!

tolino vision 5 eReader

Arrange your eBooks the neat and easy way with eBook collections

Get an easy overview of your library and arrange your eBooks however you like – by genre, your personal review or whether you’ve already read it, or create a separate category for gift ideas. There’s no limit to the ways you can arrange your collections. Plus, you can add or delete new or read eBooks anytime thanks to the practical library management function.

tolino vision 5 eReader

Fast access to eBook management functions

Here’s a tip: Tap an eBook cover in library view and hold it for three seconds for fast access to the various management functions through the displayed context menu. Upload your eBook to the tolino cloud, add it to a collection, mark it as read or delete the eBook altogether from your eReader.

  • Set font type and size individually in eBooks

  • Translate words and look up unfamiliar words in integrated dictionary

  • Set bookmarks in your eBooks with a simple finger tap

  • Highlight text and make notes directly in your eBook

  • Sort your eBooks and create collections

  • Compatible with eBooks from public lending libraries

  • Full-text search lets you easily find keywords within your eBook

  • Lock your screen with te practical numbers lock

  • Merge libraries from multiple tolino shops using the tolino library link

  • Synchronzie progress across multiple devices