Customer Care Form

If you have any questions regarding your tolino eReader or problems with tolino software updates, please contact the customer care service of your tolino partner bookstore or use our customer care form below. For business purpose, please use our business form.

Personal Information

Please give your complete contact information. This is important to answer your questions and solve your problem.
If you are already registered with a tolino bookseller, please use the specific e-mail-address here.
Every tolino eReader is branded by one of our tolino bookseller. Please choose your tolino bookseller to be forwarded to the responsible customer care service.
You can find all tolino bookshops from the „meine BUCHhandlung“ partner network here. Find your nearest local shop!
In urgent cases, you can leave your phone number, so the customer care service can contact you as soon as possible.
What can we do for you?
Please notice: for technical problems, please provide detailed information about your device and the software version (e.g. device model or serial number). Mostly, it’s helpful if you can describe in which situation the problem occurs.
You have the opportunity to attach screenshots or other documents. This can help the customer service to understand your concern. (Maximum file size 5MB, date format: jpeg, png, gif, pdf)