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1. In the event of problems and defects

1.1. What do I do if my tolino tab can no longer be operated?

If the device can no longer be operated and no longer responds to user input, force a reset by pressing the reset button on the underside of the tolino tab. Use e.g. a straightened paper clip to do this.

1.2. What do I do if my tolino tab cannot be charged?

Please first check if your tolino tab is correctly connected to the charger. If it is not charging, please connect the device to your computer using the included USB cable. This allows you to check whether the charger or the battery is defective.

1.3. Whom can I contact if my tolino tab is defective?

If you discover a defect in your tablet, you can contact the seller of your tolino tab under the statutory warranty. In addition to the statutory warranty, TrekStor GmbH provides a 24-month warranty on your tolino tab.

Scope of warranty
TrekStor provides a 24-month warranty for manufacturing defects for this tablet. The warranty period begins with the date of purchase. The provision of warranty services does not extend the total warranty period. This warranty is independent of the seller’s warranty obligations arising from the purchase contract with the end customer and does not affect these.

Warranty services
At TrekStor’s discretion, defects under warranty will be corrected either by repairing the device or by replacing it with a defect-free device/replacing the defective part. No additional claims can be made. Warranty claims can only be made against TrekStor. Costs or damage resulting from repairs or exchange of defective parts in other workshops are not covered by this warranty.

Warranty exclusions
Defects caused by improper use, user error or external forces (e.g. water, shock, lightning, fire, force majeure, incorrect voltage, installation of third-party firmware or defective apps) are excluded from warranty. The warranty is limited exclusively to the components included in delivery. Also excluded from warranty cover are expendables and consumables, e.g. batteries. Furthermore, this warranty does not cover the possible costs of modifying or customizing the tablet to comply with national technical or security-related requirements of a country in which the reading device was not purchased but is to be operated

Making a warranty claim
To make a warranty claim you must submit proof of purchase (invoice, receipt) indicating the date of purchase and the model name of the tablet. You must notify TrekStor GmbH of the defect to the tablet within the warranty period. The warrantor must be notified of any warranty claim before sending in the device. To do so, please complete and submit the returns form.

Returns form:

On the TrekStor website you can find more information and contact details for the customer service.

TrekStore Customer Care

TrekStor reserves the right to decline to provide warranty services if this procedure is not adhered to or if serial numbers on the device have been removed or altered.

With regard to devices sent in, TrekStor shall not be liable for lost storage or SIM cards, stored data or other accessories not included in delivery.

TrekStor GmbH, Kastanienallee 8 – 10, D-64653 Lorsch

1.4. Why is the storage space on my tolino tab not shown as 16 GB?

The total storage space on your tolino tab is 16 GB. Approximately 3.4 GB of this space are taken up by the Android operating system and system applications. Approximately 12.6 GB are available for your own data and applications.

2. Playing music and watching videos

2.1. Do I have to pay subscription fees for 7digital?

Your 7digital user account is free – there are no membership or subscription fees. You only pay for the music you buy. Before any purchase, you will be expressly reminded that you are about to be charged.

2.2. How can I change the order of the songs in my playlist?

To the left of every track you will see the menu icon. Long press on this icon to move the respective track up or down the track list. Use your finger to drag the title to the desired position on the screen of your tolino tab. When you have reached it, simply let go of the title – it will then be moved to the selected position.

2.3. How can I load my own music onto my tolino tab?

Just like reading content, you can load music onto your tolino tab either via USB cable or with a microSD card. New content is automatically detected by your tolino tab.

2.4. How can I load videos onto my tolino tab?

Just like reading content, you can load videos onto your tolino tab either via USB cable or with a microSD card. New content is automatically detected by your tolino tab.

2.5. How do I create a playlist?

You can compile a playlist of your music titles under the “Listen” menu item. To do this, tap the black plus sign to the right of each title in the title list. The selected title lights up in yellow as soon as you have added it to your playlist. In the album cover and category views, first tap the album from which you want to add songs to the playlist.

2.6. How do I switch between tracks in my playlist?

You can skip a track anytime in your tolino tab’s mini player. In the maxi player, where your playlist is shown, you can instead tap directly on the song you want to hear.

2.7. I have already bought eBooks from one of the tolino partners. How can I load them onto my tolino tab?

As soon as you have registered your tolino tab with the customer account of your partner shop, any reading content you have bought there is automatically synchronized and loaded onto your tolino tab.

2.8. I have already bought songs from 7digital. Can I load them onto my tolino tab?

As soon as you have registered your 7digital customer account on your tolino tab, you will see your previously purchased songs and can simply download them free of charge.

3. Reading and buying eBooks

3.1. Which eBook formats can I read with the tolino tab?

Your tolino tab recognizes the following formats when you transfer them to your tolino tab via USB or a microSD card: ePub, PDF with or without DRM.