eReader comparison

tolino page 2

tolino page 2 – great reading fun for a small price.

Front light – integrated reading light for comfortable reading in the dark

Non-reflective E Ink Carta display: Reads like the printed page

For all your favorite books: space to store up to 6,000 eBooks

page 2 Frontalansicht
tolino shine 3

tolino shine 3 – smarter reading in a handy format.

SmartLight: automatic color temperature adjustment depending on time of day

Non-reflective E Ink Carta HD-display for pin-sharp typeface

High-quality touch screen display responds even faster and more accurately

shine 3 Frontalansicht
tolino vision 6

tolino vision 6 – the upgrade for more reading pleasure

Lightning fast with new quad-core processor and improved E Ink display

SmartLight: Anpassung der Beleuchtung nach Tageszeit

Water Protection – optimal protection against water

tolino epos 2

tolino epos 2 – the eReader that meets the biggest standards.

Lighter than a paperback, weighs 25 % less than the previous model but features a larger display

Automatic display rotation, simple reading in portrait or landscape mode

The planar display surface is shatterproof thanks to its integrated protection