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Read and listen to books easily with the tolino app.

Reading as flexible as never before: Over 4 million eBooks and audiobooks are waiting for you. Turn your smartphone or tablet into an eBook reader with the tolino app or use it to enjoy audio books.

Discover an almost endless selection in the store of Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel,,, Osiander, Orell Füssli or at the tolino partner bookstores of meineBUCHhandlung. You decide which tolino bookstore you want to buy your eBooks and audiobooks from. The purchased titles automatically appear in the tolino app.

Read EPUB and PDF books and listen to audiobooks easily and flexibly on the go? The tolino app offers you unlimited reading and listening pleasure for your smartphone and tablet at any time. Simply download the free tolino app, download eBook and audiobook and your digital library is available for reading and listening offline at any time. Your mobile library is always with you, wherever you go.

NEW: Apple CarPlay

Use your tolino app now also with Apple CarPlay! With Apple CarPlay, you can use the tolino app installed on your iPhone directly via your car’s integrated display, so you can concentrate on the road. Simply connect your iPhone to Apple CarPlay, select an already loaded audiobook from the tolino app library and play it back.

For more information on how to set up and use Apple CarPlay, click here.

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Find out here about the most important functions of the tolino app – your reading app for eBooks and audiobooks.

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One reading app for all tolino bookstores – all eBooks and audiobooks at a glance

The new tolino app makes it possible to read the easy way – on your smartphone or tablet PC! Do you have several eBook reader apps from different bookstores installed on your mobile devices? Are you starting to lose track of your eBook purchases? The tolino app and the unique tolino library link help you get an easy overview of all eBooks and audiobooks from tolino bookstores. Simply download the tolino app, select your favorite bookstore and link all your other tolino bookstore eBook libraries to keep track of your eBook purchases. You’ll never have to miss another exclusive tolino bookstore offer ever again! Enjoy freedom of choice and buy new eBooks and audiobooks in the open standard formats EPUB, PDF, TXT and MP3 whenever and wherever you want.

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tolino app – the eBook reader for smartphone and tablet PC

The flexible, user-friendly tolino app offers you a wide range of eReader functions on your smartphone or tablet PC. Get ready for true reading pleasure! It’s easy to change the font type and font size in your eBook at any time. Adapt the text layout to meet your individual preferences or sort your reads into the collections of your choice for an easy overview. Looking for a reading app with a special night mode? The tolino app offers a wide range of brightness settings that you can adapt individually to fit the lighting conditions, for ideal reading pleasure with the tolino app – even at night.

Synchronize eBooks and audiobooks with the tolino cloud

The tolino world adapts to fit your everyday life and offers you flexible reading pleasure in any situation. The tolino cloud, the practical online storage space for all your books, provides you with the perfect basis for this flexibility. Use a wide range of readers to access your content in the tolino cloud and synchronize your reading progress. Thanks to the user-friendly synchronization function, you can always pick up reading where you left off – regardless of whether you are using an eBook reader or the free tolino reading app on your smartphone or tablet PC. Finished with your eBook? Making room for a new one is easy! Just delete the finished eBook from the hard drive of your smartphone, tablet PC, computer or eReader. If you need to, you can always use the tolino cloud to download the eBook back to your reader.

tolino reading app: Read eBooks and listen to audiobooks – the mobile and convenient way

Get page-turners that keep you hooked right on your smartphone or tablet PC – with the new free tolino app. It gives you everything you expect from the tolino world. Browse the latest eBook best sellers from on the road and take advantage of free excerpts of great reads. Want to relax with an audiobook? Discover thousands of exciting stories for your ears! Simply use the tolino app to browse for audiobooks in your tolino bookstore’s pre-installed shop, select an audiobook, lean back and enjoy.

All benefits at a glance

tolino app


Set font type and font size individually in eBooks


Highlight text and make notes directly in your eBook


Integrated eBook shop with over 4 million eBooks and audiobooks

tolino booksellers

Convenient library link for all tolino booksellers

Public lending libraries

Compatible with eBooks from public lending libraries


Safely store, manage and easily synchronize your eBooks with mobile devices via the tolino cloud


Excellent tolino service – online, over the phone and in our bricks-and-mortar stores


Full-text search lets you easily find keywords within your eBook


Sort your eBooks and create collections


Listen to audiobook samples, buy and play radio dramas or audiobooks

Download for free and explore the tolino app