Apple Pencil support in the tolino app

The iOS app now supports Apple Pencil. What can I use it for?

Apple Pencil lets you highlight text, underline sentences or write notes directly in your book in the tolino iOS app. You can use the tolino app’s mark-up feature and work directly with the Apple Pencil in your eBook while reading it on your iPad.

What are the technical requirements to use the Apple Pencil to mark up text?

You need iOS version 15 or higher on your iPad to use Apple Pencil in the tolino app.

The 1st generation Apple Pencil is supported by 6th to 10th generation iPads.  

The 2nd generation Apple Pencil is supported by the iPad Air (4th and 5th generation), the iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd to 6th generation), the iPad Pro 11-inch (1st to 4th generation) and the iPad mini (6th generation). 

The Apple Pencil cannot be used in the tolino app on iPhones. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

How can I use the Apple Pencil to mark up text in the iOS app?

To mark up text with the Apple Pencil, simply open the reading menu by tapping the center of the screen. Then tap the pen icon at the bottom right to open the Apple Pencil tool palette. There you can find different pencil types and colors, as well as the eraser. 

Please note: The mark-ups will no longer be visible if you change the way the eBook looks by adjusting the font, font size, line spacing or other settings. Instead, a new icon will appear on the right side of the eBook:

You can restore the mark-ups and the previous settings by clicking on this icon.

The mark-up function can be deactivated by tapping the pen icon at the bottom of the reading menu.

What does “mark up” mean?

“Mark up” means underlining or highlighting text or creating notes in an eBook in the tolino iOS app by using the Apple Pencil on an iPad or by using your finger on an iPhone.

Why can’t I mark up all eBooks? 

Right now, the function is only available in eBooks where you can change the way text, images and other elements are displayed and where you can adjust the font, font size or line spacing to your personal preferences (also known as “reflowable” content).

You cannot mark up eBooks where the design and formatting of text, images and other elements is fixed, such as comics, illustrated children’s books or certain books with sophisticated illustrations, images or pictures. 

Why can’t I see my mark-ups on all tolino devices? 

Right now, you can only sync mark-ups created with the Apple Pencil between iOS devices that have the tolino iOS app installed. We are working to make synchronization possible in the tolino webreader and tolino eReaders as well. This function will be gradually rolled out in upcoming versions of the software. 

Where can I view my mark-ups, and where can I delete them?

The mark-ups you create with the Apple Pencil will appear in your eBook’s notes directory, along with notes created using the reading menu’s notes feature. To see them, tap on the center of your screen. Then use the icon at the top of the menu to open the notes directory, where you can delete the mark-ups you created using the Trash icon.