The tolino cloud

Secure online storage

The tolino cloud offers you maximum freedom, flexibility and security in reading and storing your eBooks. The always available online storage gives you access to your digital library even when you’re out and about or traveling. No matter whether you want to continue reading your eBooks on a tolino eReader, the reading app from your tolino bookseller, or directly online in the browser on your tolino webreader. Thanks to the tolino cloud you can switch flexibly between reading devices and still never find yourself without your favorite books. The tolino ecosystem lets you read comfortably – whether with your eReader, your tablet, your smartphone, or on your PC.

As soon as you purchase a book from a tolino partner, it is automatically stored in your personal tolino cloud and is now available for download to your reading devices at any time. You can of course also store your own ePUB, TXT or PDF files centrally in the free tolino cloud and access them whenever you want. You can synchronize your content with up to five end devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, eReaders).

And the best part:

The tolino cloud helps you synchronize your reading progress on your different reading devices online. For example, if you close your eBook on your tolino eReader and your eReader is connected to the Internet, the tolino cloud will automatically remember where you stopped reading. If you now open the same book on your smartphone with the tolino app, you will immediately be taken to the page where you left off. Of course you decide for yourself at all times whether you want your reading progress to be automatically synchronized or whether you would rather use a manual bookmark.