Fixed-layout eBooks in the tolino app and in the tolino webreader

What is fixed-layout content?

In fixed-layout content, the design and formatting of text, images and other elements has been predefined. They do not automatically adjust to fit the size of the screen or the user’s settings. A fixed layout helps maintain the original look of the content. As a result, it is particularly well suited for publications where visual design and the precise positioning of text, images and other elements are very important. It is used for books with sophisticated illustrations, images or pictures, as well as illustrated children’s books, comics and interactive eBooks.

Which settings can I change?

The zoom function lets you explore images down to the tiniest detail. It also allows you to look at two pages at once, like in a book or brochure where you can view two pages side by side.

Are fixed-layout eBooks suitable for all devices?

Right now, fixed layout is only supported in the tolino webreader and in the tolino app (Android and iOS). This feature is expected to become available in tolino eReaders soon.

Are there any restrictions associated with fixed-layout eBooks? 

Because the visual design of fixed-layout eBooks is predefined, you cannot change the way text, images and other elements are positioned. As a result, it is not possible to customize the font, font size or other settings. Due to the file size, they may also take somewhat longer to open.