How can I read eBooks in my tolino app and what other functions are available?

In the grid view, simply tap on a cover to open an eBook. The eBook download is initiated if it is not yet downloaded on your device (the device must be connected to the internet at this point). Once an eBook has been downloaded to your device in full, it will be opened for you in the reading view. Tap the middle of the screen on any page to open or close the reading menu. Return to your library by tapping on the X at the top left of the menu bar.

1.) Turning the page: Swipe from right to left to go to the next page in your eBook and swipe left to right to go back one page. You can also tap the right and left edges of the screen to turn pages forward and back. It is also possible to change the reading mode in the layout section of the text settings. Tap on the Aa icon in the top menu bar and then on “Layout.” Here you will find a symbol with an arrow pointing downwards. Tapping on this symbol changes the reading mode so that you can turn pages by tapping on the arrows at the bottom of the page instead of swiping.

2.) Font size: There are six different font size settings, allowing you to change the reading view to precisely fit your needs. Simply tap on the Aa icon in the top menu bar. This opens a menu where you can change font type, line spacing and text direction.

3.) Layout: Layout settings can also be found in the reading settings. Tap on the Aa icon and switch to the “Layout” tab. There are three settings to choose from here: “Normal,” “Sepia” or “Night.” You can also adjust margin settings and the reading view here.

4.) Table of contents: Tap on the icon with three dots and three lines in the top menu bar to access the eBook table of contents. The table of contents lists all of the eBook’s chapters. Tap on a chapter to jump to the corresponding place in the book.

5.) Search: You can search for particular words or terms in an eBook by tapping on the magnifier symbol.

6.) Bookmarks, highlighting text and notes: The tolino app automatically saves your progress in your eBook. If you switch back to the library, the app automatically synchronizes this information. The synchronization process is displayed with the circular symbol in the top-right corner. When you open the eBook again, you will return to the page you were at. If you would like to highlight text, simply tap and hold the beginning of the text you would like to highlight and swipe across to where you would like the highlighting to end. The highlighted text is marked in yellow and a window appears with “Highlight” or “Notes.” After clicking on the “Highlight” button, you can add a title and description to your highlighting and also choose the highlighting color. Adding notes to the text is the same: Simply select “Notes” in the window.

Tap on the “Notes directory” in the top menu bar to view, edit and delete your highlighting, notes and bookmarks. Tap on highlighting or a note to go straight to the relevant page in the book.

7.) Translation: When reading with the tolino app, you can translate individual sentences or a paragraph. Select the sentence you want to translate and choose “Translate” from the context menu. The source language is usually detected automatically, but you can also adjust it manually at any time. You can also adjust the target language manually. A maximum of the visible page of your eBook can be translated. It is also possible to have the translated text read aloud using the text-to-speech engine installed on the device. To do this, tap on the speaker icon in the top right corner above the text you have just translated. An existing Internet connection (WLAN/mobile) is required to use the translation function. In order to translate paragraphs from a book, the publisher or author must give permission for the respective title. It may therefore not be possible to translate individual titles. We are constantly in contact with the publishers to expand the offer for you.