Can I change bookseller in the tolino app?

When you log in to the tolino app for the first time you select your preferred bookseller. You then have the option of adding your login details for your bookseller in the tolino app. You will need to delete the tolino app data to change to another bookseller from the preferred bookseller you selected originally.

To do so, select the tolino app from Settings -> Apps on your device and delete the app storage (Android) or “local data.” When you open the tolino app again, you will be shown the bookseller selection screen and you can choose a different bookseller as your primary bookseller.

Please note that this process is relatively complicated and is not usually necessary. This is also one of the reasons why we came up with our unique library link feature, as you can also purchase eBooks and audiobooks at any time from other booksellers using your browser.

Please note that logging out of and deleting the app will result in your downloaded content being deleted from your device. Content that you have not loaded yourself (not synchronized) can continue to be used in the app without logging in. This is worth remembering if you have a poor Wi-Fi connection on holiday or if your data volume is running low. In most cases, it is easier to purchase titles from other shops using your browser. You can read downloaded eBooks in EPUB or PDF format in the tolino app at any time.