How can I listen to audiobooks in my tolino app and what other functions are available?

Audiobooks that you have not yet downloaded from your library are marked with a small cloud symbol. The download begins automatically when you tap on the cover. You can start listening as soon as the first chapter has been downloaded. The remaining chapters are then downloaded in the background.

We recommend you download your audiobooks when connected to Wi-Fi, as in most cases they are larger than 1 GB. If you download audiobooks using your mobile data, you may incur additional costs.

Sleep timer:
Using the sleep timer function allows you to set up the tolino app to automatically stop playback after a certain period of time or at the end of the current chapter. Not only will you never miss a chapter of your audiobook, the sleep timer also means you won’t be wasting your device’s battery. The various settings can be found in the audiobook player by tapping on the clock symbol.

Playback speed:
You can adjust the playback speed however you like. Simply select the audiobook you would like to hear and look for the “1x” icon in the top menu bar. Tap on the icon and select one of the settings.

Fast forward and rewind:
You can conveniently fast forward or rewind audiobooks in 30-second increments using the buttons to the right and left of the play button. Your progress in the particular chapter is displayed in the bottom half of the audiobook player. You can also fast forward and rewind here by adjusting the progress bar.

Mini player:
Play, pause, fast forward and rewind can all be used in the mini player, which opens when the app is playing the audiobook in the background.