How do I link my eBooks from other booksellers with my tolino library (library link)?

If you have bought eBooks from multiple tolino partners, you can link your tolino libraries so that you can manage and read your eBooks centrally. Linking and managing your registered reading devices is easy.

Step 1: Change to the tolino eReader in the main menu.

From the home page of your tolino eReader (which you can access anytime by pressing the Home button on the front), open the main menu by tapping the symbol with the three lines in the upper left corner of the display.

Step 2: From the main menu, go to the “My accounts” area.

Now select “My accounts” in the main menu of your tolino eReader. Please make sure your tolino eReader says you are logged in. If your tolino eReader is not logged in, you can log in using your tolino bookseller login details.

Step 3: Go to the tolino “library link” menu.

As soon as your tolino eReader is logged in, tap “Library link” in the menu. The view that appears will give you another overview of the tolino library link function. You can tap “Next” to skip it. Read the privacy policy that appears for your information and then tap “Next” to confirm.

Step 4: Link your libraries

You will now see an overview of tolino booksellers available to link. Select the desired tolino retailer where you also have a customer account and click the “Link” button to the right of the retailer logo.

Step 5: Log in to your tolino bookseller account

To link your existing customer account with the newly selected additional tolino bookseller account, you need to log in using your login details. Please enter your login details for this retailer to confirm that you are the owner of this customer account and wish to link the libraries. Once you confirm, your tolino libraries will be linked together, and you can use the tolino cloud to load the eBooks you have already purchased to your existing tolino library.