How do I load content that I have already purchased or own to the tolino eReader?

All eBooks or other files that you own in ePUB or PDF format (open standard formats) can be saved to your tolino eReader and read there. There are two main ways to load eBooks to your tolino eReader:

1) Transfer eBooks using the tolino cloud

It’s simple to transfer your eBooks in ePUB and PDF format using the tolino Web reader. Log in using your login details and simply load your purchased eBooks to your tolino cloud using the tolino Web reader. All you have to do then is log in on your tolino eReader as usual, using your login details, and initiate the synchronization with the tolino cloud on your tolino eReader. As soon as you change to the tolino library on your tolino eReader (assuming you have an Internet connection via WLAN), the eBooks stored in the tolino cloud will be displayed. To download these books locally to your tolino, simply tap the cover of the eBook you want. The eBook will then be saved directly to your tolino eReader, and you can start reading.

2) Transfer eBooks using a cable (side loading)

It’s easy to transfer eBooks that you have already purchased in PDF and ePUB format locally to your tolino using a cable connection. As soon as you have connected your tolino eReader to your computer using the USB cable supplied with the reader and the computer has recognized the device, you can access the tolino eReader from your computer. Now you can share files between your computer and your tolino eReader. Please always be sure to store your eBooks in the “Books” folder on the tolino eReader hard drive.

Even so, we recommend adding purchased eBooks automatically via the tolino cloud, not the USB connection. The benefit of doing this is that when you download eBooks from the tolino cloud, the Adobe DRM copy protection is not activated, so you don’t have to enter an Adobe ID to read these eBooks.

Important note: Do not disconnect your device while the data exchange is in progress. Please be sure to eject the data storage media for the tolino eReader and the microSD card on your computer before disconnecting the cable between your tolino eReader and the computer or taking out the microSD card.

Please note that transferring or opening eBooks in certain formats, such as AZW format (not an open standard format) is not possible.