How do I navigate in the eBook and personalize my reading settings?

Turning pages

On all tolino devices, you can turn the page by simply tapping the right or left side of the screen or swiping. Some devices also feature the “tap2flip” function, which lets you turn the page by tapping the back of the device. Advanced settings for turning pages are found in the menu, under “Settings” and then “Reading settings.” You can turn tap2flip on and off here, or activate left-handed mode, which turns the page when you tap on the left side of the screen.

It’s easy to adjust personal settings like font and font size, margins, line spacing, text alignment, and brightness during reading on your tolino eReader. To do this, open the reading menu by tapping the middle of the screen.

(A) The back arrow closes the book
(B) Turn the reading view
(C) Table of contents
(D) Notes
(E) Settings for font size, font, etc.
(F) Set screen brightness / turn SmartLight on and off*
(G) Search in the book

*SmartLight availability depends on the model