How do I read eBooks with copy protection (DRM) on the tolino eReader?

It is actually rare for eBooks on your tolino eReader to use Adobe® DRM (digital rights management, file format “.acsm”) copy protection. If you wish to open an eBook that is protected by Adobe® DRM on your tolino eReader, you will see a message appear asking you to enter your Adobe® ID. Some eBooks, like those from a public library’s online lending service, are protected against copying via Adobe® DRM or can only be read for a certain period. You need an Adobe ID for these functions as well.

Registering for an Adobe® ID
To register, simply go to and enter your data. As soon as the registration process is complete, you will receive a confirmation link by e-mail. Click this link and complete the verification to conclude the registration process. The e-mail address you indicated is now also your Adobe ID.

2: Entering the Adobe® ID on your tolino

To be able to read eBooks with Adobe® DRM, all you need to do now is log in using your tolino eReader. To do this, simply go to the menu under “My accounts” and select the last point, “Adobe® DRM.” Please enter your e-mail address and password here to log in. Then tap “Authorize.” Now you are logged in and can read eBooks protected by Adobe® DRM, along with others.