How do I update the software on my tolino eReader?

As soon as an update is available for your tolino eReader, the tolino eReader will let you know. Please note that your tolino eReader must be connected to the Internet via WLAN to perform an update.

If you normally use your tolino eReader without a WLAN connection, we recommend connecting to WLAN every so often (about every 2 months) to install any updates. If you experience any specific malfunctions on your tolino eReader, we recommend that you check right away whether there is a software update available. To check whether an update is available for your tolino eReader, follow these steps:

Go to the settings (three lines at top left on the homepage) in the menu on your tolino eReader.

  1. In the sub-menu, select “Information and help.”
  2. The overview that appears will show a button labeled “Search for new version.” It also displays your current software version.
  3. Tap the button – the tolino eReader will now look for any available updates online.
  4. If an update is available, it will now be displayed on the tolino eReader.
  5. Confirm the installation of the software update on the display. The update will now be installed, and the tolino eReader will restart.
    After restarting your tolino eReader, you can continue reading right away, of course.

You can also check your tolino eReader for the latest software manually. To do this, simply visit Current updates appear on the left when you go to “Service” in the menu. Simply select your device from the list and check whether the current software matches the software on your device.

You can also perform a manual update. To do this, the first step is to download the latest software version on the mytolino website. After that, remove the SD memory card (if any) from your tolino and connect it to your PC using a USB cable. Now open the “MY TOLINO” directory in Windows Explorer and drag and drop the update file named “” directly to the main menu. Safely disconnect the device from the PC and restart it. The update will automatically start after you restart the reader.