I’m having problems with WLAN login. What do I do?

If you have trouble connecting your tolino eReader to the WLAN, there may be various reasons. Here are a few tips to help you rule out typical causes of errors and resolve tolino WLAN problems on your own if possible. Please check the following:

Is your tolino inadvertently in flight mode?
The WLAN connection to your tolino eReader is automatically disabled in flight mode. You can tell when your device is in flight mode from the airplane symbol displayed in the status bar at top right on your screen. You can turn off flight mode in the main menu by switching to “WLAN.”
Are you trying to connect the tolino to the wrong WLAN?
Check whether you selected the correct wireless network connection. Please also be sure your WLAN’s security settings are set to allow all computers and devices to connect to the network. Ideally, you should also test your data at the same time on another device, like a smartphone. If you have no problem connecting on the other device, there must be a different reason for the error.
Does the name of your WLAN or your password contain umlauts or other diacritic marks?
By diacritic marks, we mean letters with accents or other symbols (examples: â, é, ő). This type of character in WLAN names (SSID) or WLAN passwords can cause connection problems. Depending on how your specific router codes these characters, your tolino eReader may be unable to access the WLAN.
Is your WLAN signal too weak or unstable?
Especially if you live in a large building with thick walls and don’t use a WLAN repeater, you may find that the signal strength is too weak or too unstable to connect to WLAN in your location. Check to make sure the signal quality and signal availability in your location are sufficient. If possible, move to a location closer to the router.
Is your tolino eReader set to the wrong date?
The settings for your tolino eReader allow you to do various things, including manually selecting the date. If you have set the date incorrectly for any reason instead of using the automatic date, there may be problems connecting to a WLAN router. If this is the case, please set your tolino eReader to the correct date and try again to connect to WLAN.
Are you using an incompatible frequency band? Connecting to a 5 GHz WLAN.
Because of the built-in hardware module, tolino eReaders only support WALN networks with a long-range 2.4 GHz frequency band. Your tolino cannot establish a WLAN connection with 5 GHz WLAN. Please check the frequency band for your WLAN router and the relevant settings to eliminate this source of errors. In case of doubt, we recommend taking a look at the user guide for your router. If you use a 5 GHz WLAN connection by default for your other devices, please make sure your router also works on the 2.4 GHz frequency for the tolino eReader, meaning that it offers both frequencies.
Are you using an outdated WLAN encryption method such as WPA1/2 with TKIP or WEP?
To ensure that your WLAN network is secure and guard against unauthorized access, there are various kinds of encryption that you may have configured on your router. These encryption protocols have evolved over time, so some types of encryption are now viewed as insecure and outdated. Our tolino eReaders support exclusively current, secure encryption methods. This means connecting to WLAN that uses the outdated TKIP encryption method is no longer possible after the update to version 11.2.2 of the software. Please check the encryption protocols used for your WLAN if your tolino is unable to connect to WLAN. Your WLAN encryption should be set to WPA1/2 CCMP(AES).