My tolino eReader is no longer recognized by Adobe Digital Editions. What can I do?

The tolino vision 6, shine 4 and epos 3 uses MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) for data exchange via USB. This hast he advantage that you can continue to use your tolino ereader while it is connected to the computer. Due to this technology, your eReader will be recognized as an Android device by your computer and therefore will no longer be supported by the Adobe Digital Editions software.

The easiest way to transfer purchased eBooks to your tolino eReader is to add them automatically via tolino cloud. When downloading from tolino cloud, Adobe DRM copy protection will not be active and you do not need to enter an Adobe ID to read these eBooks.

If you prefer to transfer already purchased eBooks in PDF and ePUB format via USB, you can simply continue to transfer them locally to the tolino via USB cable. Once your tolino eReader is connected to and recognized by your computer via the included USB cable, you can access the tolino eReader from your computer. You now have the option to exchange files between your computer and your tolino eReader. Please always place your eBooks in the “Books” folder on the tolino eReader hard drive.