“There was an error loading your file. The file may be damaged and cannot be opened.”

In the interaction of the new copy protection method LCP used by the online library with certain eBooks with multimedia content in EPUB3 format, this error occurs in the display. Onleihe and tolino are working together on troubleshooting.

In order to be able to read this title anyway, use the following interim solution until then, which enables you to read the borrowed eBook with the Adobe copy protection previously used by the eLibrary instead of the new LCP copy protection. The prerequisite for this is that an Adobe ID is stored on your tolino eReader.

Open your library’s eLibrary website on your PC and log in.
Find the book you want to read and borrow it.
Connect your tolino eReader to your PC with a USB cable.
Then copy the ACSM file that you downloaded from the Onleihe website into the “Books” folder of the tolino eReader.
Eject your tolino eReader from the PC and disconnect the USB cable. The borrowed book will now appear in “My books” on your tolino eReader.
Make sure that your tolino eReader is connected to the WLAN and that an Adobe ID is stored. Tap the borrowed book on your tolino eReader. Now the eBook reader converts the borrowed eBook and you can read it with Adobe copy protection.

An up-to-date list of affected online loan titles can be found here.