What do I do if my software update doesn’t work?

If you have problems with the software update, we recommend that you first perform a reset. Please follow the specific instructions for your device. If you are unsure which device you are using, please contact your bookseller’s customer service and describe your tolino in detail so that you can perform the correct reset procedure to avoid hardware damage.

tolino epos, tolino epos 2, tolino vision 5, tolino shine 3, tolino page 2:

Press and hold the power button for about 10-15 seconds. Please be patient here and keep the button pressed until you see the recovery page. Here you will be offered 3 options to choose from. Please select the option “Start the system” which is automatically highlighted in black. If this is not the case, navigate through the options by briefly pressing the on/off switch. Once the correct function has been selected, press the On/Off button for approx. 3 seconds as if you wanted to switch the device on again.

tolino vision, tolino vision2, tolino vision 3, tolino vision 4, tolino shine, tolino shine 2, tolino page:

To perform a reset, simply press the reset button. This is located in a small opening on the bottom of your tolino eReader. Insert a bent paper clip, for example, into the opening until you feel a slight resistance. Your tolino eReader will then restart.