What is the best way to sort my eBooks?

You can create individual collections both in your eBook library and your audiobook library to help you keep track of all of your content. It’s just like your bookcase at home, which you can sort by category, by subject, etc. Simply tap on the “Collections” tab in your library and then on “Create collection.” Now choose a name for your collection and tap on “Create.” Here, you can add titles to your newly created collection. You can add more books to your collection at any time by tapping on the three dots underneath the cover and selecting “Add to collection.”

What’s more, the tolino ecosystem can even create collections for you automatically – such as a “tolino-select” collection (if you have a reading subscription) or a collection of books you have already read. Once you finish a book, the app will ask you whether you want to add it to this collection.

The family collection shows you which books a family member has shared with you.

All collections are synchronized across your various devices, of course.