What is the tolino cloud and how do I use it in the tolino app?

You can use the tolino cloud as soon as you have opened the tolino app on your mobile device and logged in to your account with a tolino bookseller. The tolino app automatically synchronizes your eBook and audiobook library via the tolino cloud, giving you immediate access to your collection in the app.

All eBooks and audiobooks you purchase from your tolino bookseller’s shop are automatically stored safely on the tolino cloud, allowing you to access them whenever you need to from your local eReader (in this case the tolino app). Of course, you can also upload eBooks directly into the tolino cloud via our tolino webreader or the tolino app – these eBooks are then available for download on other devices in the tolino ecosystem.

If you would like to download content from the tolino cloud, simply tap on the cloud icon in the top-right corner of a cover. The tolino app will begin the download automatically.

Please note:
All titles and documents stored in the tolino cloud are available on up to five different devices. If, for example, you start reading a book on your tolino eReader, you can pick up where you left off in the free tolino app on your smartphone, tablet or PC. All you need to do to synchronize your progress is to make sure that your eReaders are connected to the internet and you are logged in to the same account.