What is the warranty for my tolino eReader?

Scope of warranty for tolino eReader

If a manufacturing defect in materials and/or workmanship (“defect”) occurs in the tolino eReader during the first 12 or 24 months (depending on the device) from the date of purchase from a retailer, you can file a warranty claim with Longshine Technologie GmbH. If you receive warranty service, the warranty period is not extended overall.

Warranty service for the tolino eReader

Longshine will fulfill warranty obligations for defects by providing free repairs or replacing a defective reader with one that does not have defects. Replaced parts and readers become the property of Longshine Technologie GmbH.

Warranty exclusions

The warranty does not encompass optional accessories or defects that have arisen due to improper use, user error, or external influence. The warranty also excludes wearing parts such as batteries that stop working through use alone. This warranty does not cover the possible costs of modifications or adaptations to the reader that become necessary to adjust it to the national technical or safety-related requirements in a country where the reader is not supposed to be purchased, but is intended for use.

Making a claim under the tolino eReader warranty

To make a claim under the warranty for your tolino eReader, you will need proof of purchase (invoice, receipt) showing the date of purchase and the reader model name. You must file a claim concerning the defect in your reader with Longshine Technologie GmbH within the warranty period.

To do this, see the text below for full contact information for your warrantor.

Data backups

When you send in your tolino eReader, no guarantee can be given for the data stored on the reader. We recommend that you back up your data before sending in your tolino eReader.

If you have any further questions about warranty services for your tolino, please contact your bookseller’s customer service team.

Contact information for the warranty provider and manufacturer of the tolino eReader:

Address and hotline of your warrantor

Your warrantor depends on the country where you bought your tolino eReader. If you no longer have your warranty information, you can request it from your warrantor.

Warrantor Germany

Longshine Technologie GmbH
An der Strusbek 9
22926 Ahrensburg
Hotline +49 4102 4922 33

E-Mail Kontakt: tolino@longshine.de

Warrantor Italy
Centro Assistenza Tecnica
Internet Bookshop Italia S.r.l.
Via Giuseppe Verdi n.8
20090 Assago (MI)
Hotline +39 02 91 43 52 30

eMail: customerservice@ibs.it

Warrantor Netherlands
OBEO Europe B.V.
Boterstraat 25
3111 NA Schiedam

Hotline +31 8501 6018 0

Warrantor Nederland
Longshine Technologie GmbH
Boterstraat 25
3111 NA Schiedam

Hotline +31 85 0160 eMail: 180