Software updates for tolino eReaders

Customer information soflware update 13.2.0

With the tolino eReader software version 13.2.0, in some cases problems might occur. If the time span between turning the pages  is rather long, this can lead to a restart of the device.

The tolino customer service has therefore decided to withdraw this software version for the time being. We are currently working on an optimized software version 13.2.1, which we will make available to the affected customers first and then via the usual update process for all tolino eReaders

Until then, affected customers are recommended to use the following interim solution:
Set the device to sleep mode for at least one minute (briefly press the power button). The problem should then no longer occur until the next restart.

epos 2vision 5page 2
Software-Version Hinweis
13.1.1 Your version is up to date
13.0.0 Update to version 13.1.1 download
eposshine 3
Software-Version Hinweis
12.2.0 Your version is up to date
11.0.0 - 12.2.0 Update to version 12.2.0 download
vision 4 HDvision 3 HDvision 2visionshine 2 HDpage
Software-Version Hinweis
12.2.0 Your version is up to date
1.5 - 12.1 Update to version 12.2.0 download
Software-Version Hinweis
10.5.0 Your version is up to date
1.0 - 10.1.0 Update to version 10.5.0 download
tab 8"
Software-Version Hinweis
android package 1 update google play services download
android package 2 update google play store download

Update your tolino eReader manually

To perform a software update on your tolino device without WLAN access, please follow these short instructions:


  1. 1Click Download in the software overview and save the file to your desktop. Please note that the file will only be recognized as an update file by your tolino if it is named Please rename the file locally on your computer if version numbers have been appended here (e.g.
  2. 2Connect your tolino shine 3 to your computer with the supplied USB cable and open the eReader directory view under MY TOLINO in your computer’s file explorer.
  3. 3Copy the file from your desktop or individual storage location directly to the main directory of your tolino shine 3 and then disconnect the USB link by ejecting the tolino from your computer. Please wait approx. 10 seconds until the update has been processed on the eReader, then restart your device by sliding and holding the on/off switch for approx. 2 seconds. As soon as the context menu appears, please confirm with Restart – the update will now be automatically installed.