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How do I customize the background image that appears on the sleep screen of my tolino?

You have the option of changing the background image in sleep mode (sleep screen) directly on the tolino eReader. To do this, select “Settings” from the main menu and then “Further settings”. There you have the option of selecting the tolino face, your last read eBook or your own image as the background image. To set your own picture as the wallpaper:

Save your chosen sleep screen on your computer in your files under “Pictures”. You can use your own image files as sleep screen, they should have a format of 1264 x 1680 pixel and be saved as png.

Then connect your computer to your eReader using a USB cable. On your computer, right-click on the sleep screen you just saved in the “Pictures” folder and select “Copy”.

Now select your connected eReader on your computer. There you select the DCIM folder with a double left click. In this folder, right-click and save the image with the “Paste” option.
Now take your eReader into your own hands. In the menu of your eReader, simply open the “Settings” section. There, select “More settings”. Click on the next page until you see the category “Sleepscreen”. To set up your sleep screen as a personal sleep screen, select “Own picture from folder” and select the appropriate picture from your files. Now you have finished setting up your personal sleep screen.

How do I connect my tolino eReader to the Internet?

You can connect your tolino eReader to the Internet free of charge using a wireless network (WLAN) or one of the many hotspots operated by Deutsche Telekom AG.

Connecting via WLAN: Select “Settings” in the main menu and then go to “WLAN and flight mode” to connect your tolino eReader to a wireless network. If the WLAN function is turned off, please activate it by tapping “WLAN.” If the WLAN is turned on, your tolino eReader will recognize all wireless networks available in your area. Now tap your preferred network to select it. If the network is password-protected, a dialog window will appear. Enter a valid password here. After you confirm your entry by tapping “Connect,” your tolino eReader will connect to the Internet via WLAN.

Connecting via a hotspot: If you do not have a separate WLAN available, you can use any of the many hotspots operated by Deutsche Telekom AG to connect free of charge using your tolino eReader in Germany. A hotspot is a form of Internet access available at many public locations (including airports, some ICE trains operated by Deutsche Bahn, and designated public phone booths). For an overview of available Deutsche Telekom hotspots, please click here. Your device will connect automatically as soon as it is near a hotspot when the WLAN is turned on.

Please note that to use the Deutsche Telekom hotspots free of charge, you need to be registered with a tolino bookseller and logged in. If you are not registered with a tolino bookseller and logged in and simply wish to use your tolino eReader to surf the Internet, you may begin accruing charges for WLAN use as soon as you enter information such as your name, address, credit card or bank details.

Can I read eBooks from public libraries on the tolino eReader?

Want to borrow eBooks, but do it digitally? Public libraries let you borrow eBooks from a library anywhere in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and other countries. Smaller libraries often join forces to launch an online lending service together. You can use the library’s website to borrow the desired eBooks and download them to your tolino eReader.

Borrowing eBooks from a public library is easy using the built-in Web browser on your tolino eReader. eBooks that you borrow and download here are automatically stored to your tolino eReader, where they are available to read right away.

You can also use your tolino eReader to return eBooks that you have borrowed from digital library services.

Important note: eBooks borrowed using software version 12.2.0 or higher are decrypted using the new digital rights management. With older software versions, the borrowing process typically requires an Adobe ID. The Adobe ID determines the due dates when you borrow eBooks using your tolino eReader. As soon as the due date passes, the eBook no longer opens on the tolino eReader. You can register an Adobe ID using the quick and easy process offered on the Adobe website.

Can I read an eBook even if I don’t have an Internet connection?

Yes, you can read an eBook without having an active Internet connection as long as you have downloaded it to the relevant device (tolino eReader, smartphone, or PC). To do this, just tap the title showing a tolino cloud symbol in the tolino library on your tolino eReader. The content is then downloaded to your tolino eReader and stored locally, so you can start reading the eBook right away.

Can I look up or translate words in the eBook?

To translate or look up individual words in an eBook, simply tap them and hold your finger in place over the word for a moment. A context menu will open, showing the translation and lookup function. The first time you do this, you will be asked to download dictionaries. You can choose French-German, English-German, Italian-German, Dutch-German and Spanish-German dictionaries. There is also a steadily growing selection of other dictionaries. You can download them by simply tapping the desired dictionary on your tolino eReader.

“There was an error loading your file. The file may be damaged and cannot be opened.”

In the interaction of the new copy protection method LCP used by the online library with certain eBooks with multimedia content in EPUB3 format, this error occurs in the display. Onleihe and tolino are working together on troubleshooting.

In order to be able to read this title anyway, use the following interim solution until then, which enables you to read the borrowed eBook with the Adobe copy protection previously used by the eLibrary instead of the new LCP copy protection. The prerequisite for this is that an Adobe ID is stored on your tolino eReader.

Open your library’s eLibrary website on your PC and log in.
Find the book you want to read and borrow it.
Connect your tolino eReader to your PC with a USB cable.
Then copy the ACSM file that you downloaded from the Onleihe website into the “Books” folder of the tolino eReader.
Eject your tolino eReader from the PC and disconnect the USB cable. The borrowed book will now appear in “My books” on your tolino eReader.
Make sure that your tolino eReader is connected to the WLAN and that an Adobe ID is stored. Tap the borrowed book on your tolino eReader. Now the eBook reader converts the borrowed eBook and you can read it with Adobe copy protection.

An up-to-date list of affected online loan titles can be found here.