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How do I create a playlist?

You can compile a playlist of your music titles under the “Listen” menu item. To do this, tap the black plus sign to the right of each title in the title list. The selected title lights up in yellow as soon as you have added it to your playlist. In the album cover and category views, first tap the album from which you want to add songs to the playlist.

How do I reset my tolino tab to the factory settings?

Open the app menu and tap “Settings”. Scroll down the left column to the menu item “Backup & Restore” and tap it. On the right-hand side you will see the menu item “Restore factory settings”.

Please note that this process deletes all data on the device. Data on external storage media will not be affected. Content stored in the cloud can later be restored to your tolino tab.

How do I connect my tolino tab to my TV?

To connect your tolino tab to a TV you require a micro HDMI adapter and an HDMI cable. Both are available from consumer electronics retailers.

Tap “Apps, Internet and more…” in the main menu to go to the home screen of your tolino tab.

1) Now go to “Settings” in the app menu.

2) Tap “HDMI” in the left menu column.

3) Tap “Turn on HDMI” in the right menu column; a check mark will appear behind this menu item once HDMI is successfully activated.

4) Now connect your tolino tab to your HDMI-capable television using a micro HDMI adapter and an HDMI cable. An HDMI logo will appear in the status bar of your tolino tab.

5) Use the remote control for your television to select the HDMI port to which you have connected your tolino tab. Your TV will now show the display of your tolino tab.

How do I turn on my tolino tab?

To turn on your tolino tab, press the on/off switch for 3-5 seconds. The device then turns on. If you are unable to turn on the device, please connect it to the charger included in delivery.

How do I set up a WLAN connection?

Open “Settings” in the app menu. Tap WLAN and slide the on/off switch to “On”.

Your device will now search for and display all available WLAN networks. Select the network to which you would like to connect your device. Enter the network key (password) in the window that appears, then tap “Connect”. A connection should now be established.

Please note: If the network key (WPA/WPA2 key) has not been changed, you can often find it on the back or the underside of your router.

How do I register my tolino tab?

If you already have a customer account with the seller of your tolino tab, you can register directly in your tolino app using your login details (username and password). To do so, choose “Settings” from the main menu and tap “User accounts”. When you log in, your tolino app is automatically linked to your customer account. You can access your previously purchased content at any time via your user account and of course make purchases in your tolino partner shop from your tolino app.

How can I access external storage media (USB stick, SD card)?

If you connect an external storage device, the tolino tab will display a notification informing you that a device has been connected. As soon as this notification disappears, you can use a file explorer application (e.g. Astro-Browser, FileBrowser, etc.) to access and manage your data.